Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer is HERE!

We went on a little hunt Friday to get Raya's "Entertainment Work Permit."  It was surprisingly easy and quick, although in that short time she managed to get super dirty, so this Anchor Dress was worn for, oh, about 2 hours :) But now, if hired anywhere, she's ready to be an Extra! Babies that can't talk are called Extras in any kind of modeling or "acting" role they are hired a company called Studio Kids Management is now officially representing her. Of course I'll keep you posted if she gets any jobs. There is a 4 week waiting period before she can start we'll see!  Anchors Away!

Last weekend one of my best friends from Arkansas, Jennifer, came and visited for 6 days!!! It was so great to have her here. I miss her! We worked together at MAC when I lived in AR and have been best friends since. She is the Manager for the Northwest Arkansas Charlotte Russes so they flew her out her for a conference and then she stayed with me for a super long weekend. We spent a lot of time in the sun, which was her main request- and not hard for me ;) It was definitely the best way to kick off summer! Jenn's face is so tan in this picture. Lol. Can you tell she wears big sunglasses?

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  1. Ok...that sundress is killing me....anchors away!!! hahaha amazing.