Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last Year as this Time...

I started my blog! Yipeee. A whole year :) So now I can add a "Last Year at this Time" link to my post the year before. Man, I've been waiting forever to do that. Lol. So Happy Birthday Kelsey Lately!

I have a ton of cute pictures from this weekend. I feel like so much happened in just 2 short days! Kallen is doing something new everyday. I feel like its right about now when the "Growing Up" really kicks in. Nooooooo. But seriously, I'm pretty sure Kallen is the best baby in all baby creations. I know, I'm his Mom, so my vote might be swayed, but seriously. This kid will fall asleep ANYWHERE. He cuddles and snuggles his days away. He's 100% happy sitting in my lap for hours on end watching his sister, or sitting at the beach with me, or hanging out in his car seat while I shop. WHO DOES THAT? lol. Raya was a very easy baby. I've been blessed with 2 good sleepers. But Kallen really takes the cake. He literally melts into my body and drifts off into the sweetest sleep. As long as he's full, he's happy as a clam! I really felt like all weekend I was saying, "OMG! You are the best baby ever!" Geeze kid. If all my babies were like this I could make a TON of money selling them ;) Haha, kidding. In "Growing Up" news: He now holds his own bottle and is getting really good at sitting by himself. I also introduced him to baby food. He's really over rice cereal already. But I don't really remember Raya eating much rice cereal either. He loves him some baby food! The 3rd time I "tried" feeding him he ate the whole jar! And I was just trying to teach him how to get food off the spoon. Clearly he's a quick learner ;)

So excited about Carrots


Raya is Raya. A fireball! Funny, Fast and Feisty! She had a lot of fun at the beach today. She's fearless and that's a bit scary when you're at the beach. The waves are big and for some reason my 2year old isn't phased by it. Lawd help me! Her go to word right now is "All Better". Everything is "All Better" all the time. Its pretty cute. And I finally made her Alphabet book! When she was first born a friend of mine made one for her son. Its personalized with pictures and words she knows. Then Shawna at Girls Just Wanna Have Fun wrote about making one for her daughter and I just so happen to get a free photo book from Shutterfly, so clearly it was the week to make one! PS- Speaking of Shutterfly. I'm a huge fan of them. They've done all our photo books, invitations, holiday cards, on and on. Well they recently redid their photo book section and its amazing!!! Its so easy to make very cute books. Here's Rayas (password is kgr1311): Raya's Alphabet Book Ignore Kallen's lame share site. I just use it to share projects, obviously.
And Raya's bathing suit! OMG. Its from my friend Megan.

Still my little helper
And still an incredible Big Sister

And last but not least:
Last Year at this Time...I wrote my first Kelsey Lately post!
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  1. Ok, I want to switch babies b/c mine doesn't sleep, hates shopping, doesn't hold a bottle, and is generally high maintainance! LOL

    I love the alphabet book...that is so cute!

    Happy birthday to your blog :-)