Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sibling Love

I haven't blogged in almost a week?!?! What the? It seems like the nights have flown by lately. And I don't have much to report...All is good here :) But ya betta believe I have pictures. Lol. Raya's still loving being a Big Sis. She's clearly a natural. The past week or so she'll wake up and then not so quietly tell me "Shhhh" and point to the baby sleeping, but of course that wakes him up and then she loudly tells me, "Awake! Awake! Awake." Then she crawls over to where he's sleeping and sits next to him and says "Hi, Boy" and kisses him. Its cute. Its early! But its cute. Both kids use to sleep in until at least 8, usually 8:30 but this past month Raya's been waking up at 7. I was able to keep her quiet so that Kallen could keep sleeping, but the last 2 mornings he's woken up at 7 on the dot. Bummer. 

She still randomly walks by him and kisses him on the head. She's so good to him. Oh we did have our first "Sibling Issue." I was changing Kallen's diaper and he was laying on the floor. Raya was standing right by his head. She loves to dance over him, kinda like Ellen does at the end of her Audience dance when she straddles her coffee table (I don't encourage her to do this. I usually stop it ASAP. Every once in awhile I let her because its hilarious, but I try to keep it to a minimum.) Anyways, I told her to be very careful because she was very close to his face. Well she steps right on his forehead. On purpose. So she got her very first time out. And to my surprise she sat there and didn't even try and get up. I explained to her that she hurt the baby and she had to be gentle and it would be very nice of her to give him a kiss where she hurt him. Well she was upset and didn't want to move from time out. But when I walked out of the room she got up and went over to him and kissed him on the forehead. Melt my heart!

PS- I don't know why my 2 year old is the one with the pacifier in all of the pictures. She's clearly very much attached to it, but I promise she doesn't have it in her mouth 24/7. And yes, I still let her have it and haven't even thought about taking it away. Its a saving grace for us at times and its still very soothing to her, so she'll probably be potty trained before she lets the p-fi go.

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  1. isn't it so cute when they love on their little brother/sister. Kaylee has been loving on Keira lots lately...it's so cute to see!