Friday, May 20, 2011

Monthlys- 4 Months

I haven't posted any of Kallen's Monthly pictures I am now :) I did the same thing with Raya and was so glad I did. I wish I can remember who gave me the idea. I think I saw it on a TV show. But I remember when I saw it I was like, "I HAVE to do this when I have a baby!" And it was way before I was even thinking about having babies. I think Kallen's are going to be a little better because I have him in the same chair so I'll be able to see how big he gets in comparison to the chair. For both of them I used/am using a 12month onesie so I can see how they change and grow each month. I also used a stuff animal so I can see the size comparison. It's so easy when they're under 7 months to get a good shot. Lol. I remember by the time Raya was about 8 months it was almost impossible to get a picture of her with her bear next to her. Haha. I also take one of Kallen and Raya to go along with Kallen's Monthly. Ah man and I'm just now thinking how cute if I had used a white onesie for Raya and then I could've used the same one for Kallen. Dang! That would've been so cute! Oh well :)
Here's Kallen's so far:

MONTH 1- 2.3.11

MONTH 2- 3.3.11

MONTH 3- 4.3.11

MONTH 4- 5.3.11

I'm still debating on which one to use for his 4month. I like the first one but I feel like you can see how big he is better in the 2nd one. I do think he's changed a good amount. I didn't realize it until I started looking back on these. He's clearly lost about half of his hair :) Its thinned out alot. Raya's did something similar. His is growing in a bit lighter and is starting to curl on the ends...crazy to think that a year from now it will be so different.
Here's Rayas:

1 MONTH- 5.22.09

2 MONTHS- 6.22.09

3 MONTHS- 7.22.09

4 MONTHS- 8.22.09

 5 MONTHS- 9.22.09

 6 MONTHS- 10.22.09

7 MONTHS- 11.22.09

 8 MONTHS- 12.22.09

 9 MONTHS- 1.22.10

10 MONTHS- 2.22.10

 11 MONTHS- 3.22.10

 1 YEAR- 4.22.10
The bear didn't make it to this picture. I'm sure she was throwing it off the bed and I gave up :)

I was much better at doing Raya's on the 22nd of every month. With Kallen I do it as close as possible :) Lol, but it may be a week or so off. Oppsies! They're still showing his changes though, so I know he's growing! Right now Kallen weights the same as Raya does in her 1 year picture. Geeze! They're so different.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love them! Raya's are great, and I love that you have Raya sit with Kallen each month too! I'm not sure that would go over very well in my house....Brielle might end up on the floor with a little push ;-)