Monday, May 2, 2011

Raya Recently- 2 YEARS OLD!

Yah kiddo, you're TWO! What?! I'm just as amazed :) I know I say it all the time, but you are so much fun. You are like a walking ball of entertainment. Sometimes I'm not always when you repeatedly climb on top of your dresser then YELL until I get you down and then I tell you "NO Raya, don't climb your dresser," and you do it 37 more times. Thankfully your room is carpeted, so as long as you stay away from the edges of your bedroom furniture we should be lucky enough to stay outta the emergency room.

Whats new with you??
Well, you've started saying "Mine." Alot. I'm not positive where you learned that word. I promise I don't take things away from you and yell "Mine!" lol. And you don't really hang out with other kids...and when you do you all get along great so "Mine"  isn't really used. Your Dad thinks you got it from the Ni Hao, Kia Lan cartoon. He clearly knows each character's personality and apparently one has sharing issues. We are working through this. One of my all time favorite things you do right now: You say "Sorry" when someone is suppose to say it to You. For example, if I bump into you while we're walking and its totally my fault you say, "Sorry!" Or if I drop something when I'm handing it to you you say "Sorry" It's so cute and so sweet. It also makes me feel like I'm in trouble. Lol. So I'm apologizing to you alot. Haha. You're also gone from "Thanks" to the full "Thank You." You talk alot. Say phrases. Can communicate pretty well. Now you'll say some words very clearly and I can really hear your little voice. Ahhhh. So sweet.

We see your Dr for your 2 year check up, so I'll get your Stats then. I'm guessing you're about 28 lbs and 35 inches. I feel like I'm stretching it for your height. I really have no idea. I can tell that you're long though. In the past month you've had a growth spurt. You were sleeping and eating a lot and now a bunch of clothes don't fit you. They were all 18months, but you fit them really well for the longest and now you're pretty much out of them.

I've tried potty training once or twice with you. Right now it seems like so much work to me. For example this is how today went: Woke up, took your diaper off you. You had it off for a good 3 hours. Didn't need to go at all. Took you in and outta the bathroom a couple times just to check. Promised you chocolate if you went in your potty. Sit down to nurse Kallen after one more run to the bathroom. As soon as he starts eating you pee on the carpet. Annnnnddd Day 1 of potty training is annoying. Haha. I've given up for another few more days :)

When you want me to do something you come grab my hand and "pull" me to what you want. You got a new playhouse (from your grandpas) for your bday, so you come get my finger and pull me to the house and tell me to get in with you. Haha. Thankfully I'm about the same height as an older child so I fit just fine.

You are so good to your brother. You do get a little rough with him, or try jumping over him when he's laying on the floor. Oh and you know how Ellen strattles and dances over her table at the end of dancing through her audience? Yah that's what you do to Kallen. It's soooo funny. I try to stop you, but sometimes its just too good to miss. And honestly, you shuffle your feet so you won't really step on him. Its much better than trying to jump over him!

You can't wait for your Daddy to get home from work. When we come downstairs in the morning you say, "Daddy? Daddy?" And for the rest of the day every car that has a loud music playing or you hear something that sounds like the garage door opening you say "Daddy!! Daddy?"

You love being outside. You spend a lot of time on the back patio playing in your playhouse or shooting baskets or talking on your phone. You also enjoy some downtime which is usally always me in the rocking chair, Kallen on my lap and you sitting on the arm of the chair playing with my hair and watching your shows on your iPad (birthday present from nana :)

You LOVE bubbles!!!
 You could have me blow them and run after and pop them all day long.

You're still very much my little side kick. I miss you if I'm away from you too long. Often I can't wait for Gentry to get home so I can get a break, but literally after an hour I'm ready to hang out again.
Thanks for the funnest, fastest, on-my-toes, and proudest 2 years of my life. Just when I think life with you couldn't be better, you do something that melts my heart and I know that this is the best time of my life.


  1. THat's too funny that Brielle and Raya have the same swimsuit---it looks so cute on her! And is that blue ruffle skirt from Children's Place? I bought Raya and Brielle the same one haha

    If you want a bday shirt I always cut my friends (bloggy ones too lol) a deal, so I'd do it for my wholesale price of $9. Just message me through Etsy if you want one :-)

    Happy Birthday to Raya!!!!

  2. Oh, and my Raya does the exact same thing with "sorry" ...I feel bad when I knock her in the head accidentally or something and then she appologixes to ME!

  3. Happy Birthday Raya.

    Raya & Kaylee sound so much alike. I tell Kaylee not to climb on things and she does it any ways and then wants help getting down to. She is same way with the sorry thing, it's so cute to hear her say it and she also says "mine" which I don't know where she learned it either.

    Love all the pictures of Raya, she is just to cute.