Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Raya Recently

It just so worked out that Raya's 2yr check up and Kallen's 4month check up could be scheduled together, so Friday was our big 'ol family trip to the Doctor's. Raya's Stats: She's 27.8lbs and 36 inches. Shes in the 90percentile for height and about the 50percentile for weight. She's been in those exact percentiles since birth...so maybe I'll have a tall daughter?! At the playground its clear she's in the 90th percentile because she's an inch or 2 taller than kids her own age and usually as tall or taller than kids a year or 2 older. 
She loves her doctor-Dr. Willis. Their birthdays are a day apart, which he always tells me when we're there :) He has a grandson her age, so he's really great with her. He always takes her with him after the appt and walks around the office with her. Its so cute. This appt was a little dramatic. She SCREAMED when Gentry tried to put her on the scale. And then SCREAMED when we laid her down to measure her length. And SCREAMED when the doctor put the stethoscope on her back. So you can guess what she did when he checked her ears and mouth. Wowzers. That was intense. And that's without having to get any shots! So clearly she doesn't like the doctors office. Well, not so much the Doctor or the office, but she doesn't like what you have to Do there. Lol. She LOVES the toy part. Pretty sure we left with 3 toys and a table decoration off one of the nurse's desks. Haha. The nurses let her take out and examine every toy in the treasure box. She'd come back with one and then take it back and exchange if for another. It kept her busy during the time we were getting Kallen's shots set up and done. At one point I poked my head out to check on her and she wasn't out there and I could tell by the nurse's face that she wasn't quite sure where she was either...Oh she's just in another room with Dr.Willis while he checks out a little girl's sprained ankle. Pretty sure that's not proper Doc Office etiquette Ms. Raya :) 

She's been incredibly sweet the past week. She's always been my sweet girl, but she's been extra loving lately. I don't know if its because she's a little older or she's just teasing me before she fully emerges herself into the Terrible Twos ;) but my days with her have been extra amazing. She kisses my "owies," she holds my hand, she hugs me really tight-like almost clamps onto me like a little koala. When she sits in the big chair with me she hugs my arm and rests her head on my shoulder. She still plays with my hair like its a drug. She hugs my leg and hangs on when I'm standing in the kitchen. She's very helpful-well, when she wants to be. She runs to Gentry when he gets home from work and literally jumps into his arm and gives him the biggest, sweetest hug. Man oh man, its such an amazing age. Knowing she's always growing up is still hard for me, but it really is priceless. Or amazing. Or wonderful. Or PriceAmazful? There's just no words for it. I feel like the luckiest girl to have this little being that is so happy and loving and brings more joy to my life then anything. Ever. And as I write this I have a 4 month bundle of love sleeping so perfectly in my lap. Really, Life? Sometimes I can hardly believe the kids I've been given, but ya betta believe I know I'm beyond lucky and thankful. Luckful? LOL. I crack myself up :) 

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