Saturday, May 7, 2011

Keeping Up With Kallen---4 Months Old!!!

This is my ALL TIME favorite picture of you.
Baby Boy! You are 4 months old-as of 5.3.11 :) And now its gettin goooood! Today I was squeezing your thick thighs and remembering you as a newborn and now you're a for real baby. I can't believe the days of a tiny (well not so tiny in your case) little brand new baby are over. Having a newborn is one of the sweetest things about life. Does this mean I want more???? Who knows. I DO know that I'm so dang in love with you and I can't believe I've been hanging out with you for 4 months now!

You are so interactive now! You ALWAYS smile when you see me- my fav thing about this age :) Every morning you wake up and when you find me you smile so big! You've rolled over from your tummy to your back. The first time you did it I somehow sensed you were about to so I turned the video camera on. After about 5 minutes of you just "trying" I turned it off to run to the kitchen and get Raya juice. AND guess who had flipped onto his back in that minute. Uh! I missed it. But I got the Second Roll :) You also laugh alot. It's the funniest laugh. Like a little machine gun. All we have to do is look at you and you laugh, ahhhh, how sweet and simple life with a 4 month old is! You try sooooo hard to sit up. When I put you in your little rocker I HAVE to buckle you in because you pull yourself up into a sitting position.

We took you to your 4month check up on Friday and you are good and healthy. My guess for your weight was 16.8lbs, your Dad's was 17.8 and you weighed in at a whooping 17lbs 11oz! So that puts you in the 90percentile for weight. And you are 25.5in long, which is about the 60ish percentile. You're wearing some 3-6month clothes if they run big, but most of the stuff you're wearing is 6-9months. I bumped you up to size 3 diapers because you are so thick. Lol. And it was a good decision. I remember when Raya was about 10months old I carried her through Kohls in the front pouch and by the time I got back to the car I decided that was the last time I could carry her in it because she was just too heavy...well, you're at that weight, actually over the weight she was then. I love the age when you're small enough to carry in a front pouch. I can't believe that you're only 4 months old and at the weight I ended it with Raya. I'm gonna need to start working out just to carry you when I'm shopping! So right now you're at the same weight Raya was when she was 11months old. You guys are 20months apart and only 10lb difference.

Because of your thrush, nursing has been a bit of an issue. It's been pretty painful so I've had to supplement with formula. Man and I feel so guilty for it! At this point you probably get about 60% formula and 40% breastmilk. The last 24 hours have been a little better so I'm hoping I can to a 50/50 split or even better than that. I'm really afraid of what the supplementing did to my supply, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. My goal is to nurse you until 7 months. Anything after that is GREAT! So the plan is to keep it going as long as I can.

You sleep great. I feel like you still sleep more than you're awake, but clearly you're a growing boy so that makes sense. I think you nurse once, sometimes twice, at night, so you're not technically sleeping through the night, but you get a good 5 hour stretch so it works for me! I feel like you'd sleep until 8:30 or 9 every morning, but Raya wakes up at 7 and isn't the quietest :) so you wake up then too. I know I've said it a bunch all ready, but one of my all time favorite things is when you wake up. You are so sweet and smile so big the first time you see me. Best way to start the day!
I'd describe you as an easy kid. You are pretty mellow and relaxed. You have very different cries, so its easy to tell what you want when you're fussing.
And the things we joke up (that later in life you'll want to kill me for talking about):
1.You fart like a grown man. Like loud, stinky farts. Its ridiculous
2. You can be such a stinky baby! Who has a stinky baby?!?! I do. You are very warm blooded and get hot very easily, so you sweat often and then just stink. It really cracks us up, because you don't have that baby smell. You're such a boy!

You have this very cute bashful/flirty smile. You're going to be a heartbreaker. Duh ;) You are such a sweet, sweet little boy. The second I snuggle you up and put your head on my chest you fall asleep. I forget how easy infants fall asleep. And how perfect life is when they're sleeping on you.

I put you in your bouncer about a week in a half ago. You seem to like it for about 10 minutes at a time. I put Raya in it when she was the same age, but the whole time she was in it I had to put a folded up comforter underneath her so her feet could touch because she wasn't long enough-or so I thought. Come to find out it was because she wasn't heavy enough. The first night I put you in it you could touch the group, no problem :) No comforter for you my boy!

Your hair is slightly lighter than when we you were born. Its definitely not as thick. I didn't really notice it getting thinner until I was looking at some of your pictures from month 1. I think I thought your head was just getting bigger-which could be a contributing factor :) But its also falling out some. I didn't know baby's hair falls out later on?! Hmmm. You can see in the picture in your bouncer that you're getting a little bit of a wave. Who knows what it will be like a year from now!

I love love love you! I look forward to watching you grow, obviously, but I'm totally fine with you staying my little cuddle bug for as long as you want. You are the sweetest little boy and I absolutely cherish this time with you!

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