Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Capricorn is coming!

Saw my doctor Monday. Told her about the whole "big baby, they wanna change my due date, couldn't do any testing" ordeal. She was pretty mad. Mad because since I was positive about my dates (like when I got pregnant) it just meant the baby was big and you don't change a due date for that reason. Also mad because she'd never had this happen before and was pretty sure the ultrasound tech at that office took it upon herself to make some decisions she wasn't in the place to make, soooooo, Official Due Date is Jan 11, 2011- another Capricorn! Raya is the same sign as my brother and this one is most likely going to be the same sign as me. Hopefully that means they'll get along like Bryce and I did. And that they'll be as cool as us ;) So I'm just at 14 weeks, in my second trimester, and tired as all get out. I'm still considering this a smooth pregnancy cause I haven't really been sick, but Mama is tired!

I'm very thankful for the times she slows down and takes a load off :) Last night we were calling her to come in the room to go to bed and when she didn't come Gentry looked out and found her in the chair. Probably catching up on The Hills.

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