Friday, July 9, 2010

Can I get a Due Date?

At my first doctor appt they gave me the Due Date of Jan. 11, 2011. I LOVED this DD (due date) because it was 1/11/11. I have no idea why I like fun number combinations...but I this one was a keeper. A couple weeks later I got my first ultrasound and I swear the tech told me the baby was measuring just right to keep that DD. Whatever was in that report made my nurse change the DD to Jan. 15th. So based on that I was scheduled for my genetic testing ultrasound to be done on July 6th when I was 12 weeks along. At my July 6th appt the baby was measuring MUCH bigger and they moved my DD up 2 weeks to Jan. 1! And I was told I was closer to 15 weeks along. 1-I was super mad because that meant I couldn't get the genetic testing done because I was too far along. I have my monthly appt with my Doc Monday, so I'll have more answers then...but right now I'm blaming the nurse for not putting in the right info. 2-I felt so much better that I was farther along because looking at me I am CLEARLY pregnant. 3-Loved that the new DD was 1/1/11!!! Who knows what it will be as of Monday, but if its only off by a day or so I'm keeping the 1/1/11 :)
Nice profile shot! I'm convinced it's a boy because of how different this pregnancy is. I should know by the end of this month!!!

Me at what I thought was 12 weeks but was actually 14.5 weeks. Still got a pretty big baby bump for 14 weeks but all the Been There Done That Moms told me they were the same way and that they "popped" way earlier with their 2nd baby.
Finally, I'd like to thank Raya for taking a 2 hour nap and letting me catch up on some blogging...I'll try and post some videos of her tonight!

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