Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why Are You So FAST?!

We went for a walk today. There's an elementary/pre-school down the street and Raya LOVES to go watch all the kids playing. It's a good activity for her because we end up taking a pretty long walk and there's lots to look at so she's ready for some down time by the time we get home. Today was the first day she introduced me to her newest game: "Run as fast as I can AWAY from Mom" It's a super fun game when its hot and your pregnant. Oh and even more fun when you realize your Almost 15 month old is FAST. What the heck? Like I actually have to RUN after her. OMG! So today's walk turned into sprint training for me, which, did I mention is really fun when its hot and your pregnant. Then, when I get home and upload the pictures from our walk I forget everything :) This kid is lucky she's so cute!
Starting our walk....looking so sweet and innocent

She waves at every plane

Momma look, big kids!

SWEETEST little girl

I'm fast AND I can hide in small places. 

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