Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who's Idea was THIS?!

So I thought I was going to find out the sex of baby #2 at my last doc appointment, but she told me she wouldn't be able to tell me for 4 more weeks. Um, Doc, I gotta party this Saturday, like in 5 days, I'm gonna need to know the sex! Thank god for 3D ultrasounds. I googled it and found a place close by that can do a "Gender Determination" ultrasound and guarantees they can tell you the sex as soon as 14 weeks. By this point I was exactly 15 weeks, so I scheduled my appointment for Tuesday. The ultrasound was great. The girl that did it was super sweet. She spent about 20 minutes with me and I was able to watch the baby move and shake and wave their little hands and kick their little feet. Sweet little 2 ounce baby :) I was watching her facial expressions on and off to try and see if I could tell when she was looking at "the goods" But she was good. Probably a poker player at night. When it was all over Gentry and I had a brief 30 seconds when we were like "Should we have her tell us now, I can't wait." Lucky for us this Poker playing Ultrasound techy was also a tough one! Hahahah! She just walked outta the room like "Too late guys, I'm gone and I'm sealing the information." So we wait for her to print off all the ultrasound pictures and Gentry goes "I feel like I saw girl parts" And I'm like "What!? Cause I totally thought I saw a little penis." I'm pretty sure what I saw was the umbilical cord because, lets me honest, could a 2 ounce baby really have enough of a penis that I, who's not an ultrasound tech and only knows what I'm looking at every one in awhile, really be able to clearly identify that? This is where Gentry would add his comment about "Well I mean his Daddy IS Black." Anyways, we took all our goodies from the session and headed to the park to let Raya RUN.
Now the plan is to pass the sealed envelope to my mom who will take it to the bakery and get our very own "Gender Cake" made. The only people that will know the results will be the baker(s). On Saturday, at my Brother's Going Away Bar-B-Q, we'll cut the cake and the middle layer of frosting will either be pink or blue!!! Exciting right?! Yah I thought so at first. Now I'm just annoyed. Who's idea was it to get an ultrasound on Tuesday for a party on Saturday?!! UH. Yah, it was totally my idea. But still. Now I think its a stupid idea :)


  1. Oh my gosh! This is hillarious!! I wouldn't be able to take the suspense! Wish we could be there when you find out. What a fun game!!! (for everyone else...I too am just point my finger at you and laughing. HAHA!)

  2. holy crap!! IVE NEVER HEARD OF ANYTHING LIKE are so crazy...really??! REALLY?! you HAD to make it into something this big? hahahahaha....its sooooo a girl. :)