Saturday, February 5, 2011

Raya's Room

I've been meaning to take pictures of Raya's new room, so I finally got around to it today! My Dad and Alan came the 1st week after Kallen was born to meet the baby, but more importantly, put Raya's room together!!! We went to Ikea and got the goods, then my Dad spent the the week setting it all up and decorating. Thank GOD for Gay Grandpas! Her room is adorable :) And Raya loves being in it. If you've followed some of my other pictures you've seen that she climbs EVERYTHING, so thats the only issue that I'm trying to work out. To be honest, I don't even care anymore that she climbs. If I did, I'd have to spend every 30 seconds walking into her room and getting her down, so this week I decided: It's carpet and its not that high of a fall. Yep, I let her climb. Of course when I go in and see her I tell her no, but when I see her on the video camera from my room I don't even care. She's a good climber. She knows how to get down and she has pretty good balance, so I'll let her figure it out. I did hear a pretty loud crash the other day. When I went it all the furniture was upright and she was playing, so I'm assuming the loud thud was her body, but clearly she wasn't hurt. I got stitches when I was 18months old after I climbed up onto the kitchen counter and fell off, so since she's 21 months and has yet to hurt herself seriously I consider my parenting style successful ;) LOL.
Flower Lights. She loves turning these on and off

Bed with Canopy. I ALWAYS wanted one of those, so ya betta believe she got one :)

The bookcase/stairs. Its really just a bookcase, but Raya uses it to get the objects off those selves.

Isn't it SO CUTE?!?! This is the view walking in her door.

My Dad MADE the curtains. He bought 2 comforters and used 1 to make the curtains. Amazing. And my cousin, Makenna, made the Raya name plate in wood shop class. She's in 8th grade :)

Another view of the bookcase minus Raya climbing it.

Her very own bed!!! That she sleeps in half of the night :)

I couldn't figure out what to do with her shoes, so I use that pink thing to store them. It actually works great. I can see all the shoes and they all fit. Only problem is when Raya tries to climb it....but that's only been once or twice. 

Look as these curtain rods! Yes, that's a pink disco ball. 

Amazing :)
It's soooooo nice to finally have a room for her that's all hers and that she can be in with little supervision. I can actually put my clothes away while she's occupied (and by putting clothes away I probably mean watching Real Housewives of Atlanta ;)


  1. Okay, I want to move into her room. I love the flower lights!

  2. Oh My Goodness... She has the cutest big girl room! And she is an absolute doll!

  3. Beautiful! Hopefully Bean 2.0 will be a girl so we can jock some of your ideas, lol ;-)

  4. I love it!!! I may need your taste when I eventually convert Syd's room into a boy/girl room. :)

  5. haha, well my house is only clean b/c I pretty much follow my Raya around all day long picking up after her until this house it better sell soon! :-P

    I love your Raya's room...the rug especially!


  6. Those flower lights are awesome!

  7. what a fun room!! I can see why she likes those lights so much!! haha :)