Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day

So I've sat down to blog pretty much everyday and then something happens...or someone wakes up :) Raya's upstairs taking a nap and Kallen's on my lap sleeping, so we'll see how long I get!
Valentine's Day was sweet. Full of love for sure! It's quite a different holiday with a 1year old and 6 week old. I had the cutest outfit for Raya, fabulous bow included, but she didn't end up wearing it. We met my Mom and Mary for breakfast. It was sunny and beautiful! A perfect Valentine's Day brunch with the girls and Kallen. I did Raya's hair, but getting her into the outfit and bow was more work than I cared to put in. AND the kiddos had very important shirts to wear to breakfast for Grandma, so they still looked cute. And Raya WILL wear her outfit and I'll take pictures. Lets be honest, I'll probably put her in the outfit just for pictures :) It's suppose to rain the next 3 days, so really that's my only option.
When Gentry got home from work we had dinner and watched TV. Honestly, it was perfect :) Our Valentine's night looked like this: Raya was jumping on her trampoline and watching Wow Wow Wubbzy on the computer that we set up on the floor so that we can actually watch our tv. Gentry was watching some show on the NAtional Geographic Channel about the circle of life. FYI, I hate the circle of life. Poor little calf was left all alone because the mother couldn't stay or she'd get lost from the rest of the pack. Yep, the circle of life sucks. K, back to our night: I was on the computer organizing pictures so I could make a photobook on Shutterfly and Kallen was asleep on Gentry. So yah, quite a different Valentine's Day, but I'm not complaining. I like that its different. I do miss going out to dinner BUT I know this is temporary and its literally a few years of this phase and I know with my whole heart when this "phase" is over I'm going to miss it terribly, so I'll take it!
Ill use any and every excuse/holiday to get cute little themed gifts. My parents always got us fun little presents and this is definitely one of my favorite things about having kids!
Ps- the $1 section at the front of Target =HEAVEN

She LOVES stickers. Last night she loved them so much that she chewed AND swallowed about 7. What the...
He doesn't quite smile on que, but every once in awhile I get one!
I gave them each a little bear and when one bear "kisses" the other bear it makes a kiss sound

When you have an older and wiser sister, she will test out all your toys for you :) Just to make sure they're not too dangerous

He likes to "stand" and stretch his legs out, although he looks a little alarmed here. No babies were harmed while taking this picture 

Well one post done and everyone's still asleep! I have a bunch more pictures to post. Maybe I'll get a chance to blog again tonight. Wish me luck Raya will fall asleep much faster than she did last night. Yep, she stayed up till midnight last night!!! What the heck. But then she slept in until 9, so it all worked out. Haha. Here's to her going to bed at 8 tonight!

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