Friday, February 18, 2011

Raya Recently

Welllll, we rarely wear anything other than pajamas around here :) So when I get Raya dressed you betta believe I put great thought into what she will be putting on AND I specifically plan a 15 minute camera break into our day :) HAHA. Hilarious. But its so true. And boys still aren't as fun to dress. Since I've brought little big man home I've been keeping a very open mind about boys clothes. I've been given some cute stuff so I get him as "cute" as possible, but there's nothing like opening Raya's closet and deciding what to put on her. Yes, its very similar to dressing up my cabbage patch kids or Barbies :) I'm pretty sure the one boy cabbage patch kid I had never changed his clothes, and weren't Ken's clothes painted on him? I don't even remember. See! Its not my fault. Society (and my father) breed me this way.
Ok, back to Raya. We've had a tough few days...about 2 weeks ago she started getting a rash on the top of her foot that she was scratching. After about a week it was getting a little larger and I noticed it on her hand and wrist too. So we went to see her Doc and she told us it was eczema. Poor kid. She's always had sensitive skin and a little tiny bit of eczema on the back of her neck, but it never flared up into a full blown rash. So for the last week I've been putting the ointment the doc prescribe on it and I was instructed to lotion her 3 to 4 times a day. REALLY!?!? Have you tried lotioning an almost 2 year old 3-4 times a day. It's like trying to catch a wet fish with your bear hands 3 to 4 times a day. With a newborn strapped to your chest. Ah, fun times. I've been able to do it 2 times a day, but that's not enough. She woke up this morning with it on the back of her knee and underarm. So 4 times a day it is! Basically she just shines all day because I coat her in vaseline. She's done great though. If I can distract her with cartoons or bribe her with fruit snacks I can get it done. I'm hoping if I keep everything super moist for the next week we'll get through these flare ups. If not, I'll have to go get some steroid creme. On a side note my cuticles and hands are extremely moisturized. Ps- If you've dealt with eczema please pass along any tips you have! Her hands are the hardest to keep moisturized...It's only day 2 of "all day lotion" and then I cover the areas with Aquaphor and so far its looking better.
This was her impromptu Valentine's Day outfit. I had another one with a Fabulous bow,  but this it what she ended up in. i LOVE the jeans. They're "boyfriend" fit and almost too small :( And Gentry HATES that they're called "boyfriend" fit. HAHAHA! Like he really gets mad about it. Anytime someone says "Raya" and "boyfriend" in the same conversation Dad gets mad. 

Wish they made this jacket in my size  
Here's some pictures of her this past week:

This was my favorite!!!
Shirt from our cousin Bella (Baby Gap)
Boyfriend Jeans (Children's Place)
Leopard Shoes!!! (ebay)

I love her hair in this one. Little blonde tips :)

Basketball game attire...I bought this dress for her when she was still in my belly. It's a 2T. I remember thinking, "She's not going to wear this for years!" And now she fits it. 
She always wants to hold both of our hands so we can swing her.

She LOVES popcorn

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  1. Raya is a dolll! I so miss dressing my little girl. She's 14 now so as far as she's concerned, "I don't know anything about how to dress." That's a funny statement because 85% of the time she's getting clothes from my closet. LOL
    The shirt from your cousin Bella, boyfriend jeans and the leopard shoes is definitely my favorite outfit, too! However, I'm sure she's beautiful in everything.