Thursday, February 3, 2011

Keeping Up With Kallen---1 Month Old!

My baby is 1 month old!  I'm sitting here with him wrapped in my moby wrap against my chest. He's purrring. Yah, that's right, my baby purs! He is a loud kid. He grunts and purs and makes all sorts of sounds that crack me up. Some are cause he's gassy. Poor kid. He's been super gassy and a bit uncomfortable at least part of every day since he's been here. I've tried changing things in my diet but that hasn't seemed to help. Doc says some babies are sensitive to everything. That's about all he could help me with, but that was when he was 2 weeks old, so hopefully he'll outgrow his super sensitivity soon. He's nursing like a pro. Pretty sure he nursed ALL day yesterday. I'm guessing that was part of a growth spurt. I'm sure he's 10lbs at least. I hold him and he just seems so solid. I remember Raya felt so delicate and like such a peanut. When I pick him up or hold him I have to remind myself that he's only a few weeks old, and not a few months.

He's definitely been studying my face. When he's content he'll sit in my arms and just stare at me. I love it :)
When he's full, has a clean diaper and is well rested he's ready to "play." And by play I mean look around and listen. If one of those 3 things is outta whack he's not having any of it. He definitely has more of a temperament than Raya did. Raya was pretty easy going and rarely fussed even if she needed something. Kallen, on the other hand, will let you know he needs something and he needs that something now! He's started "yelling" at me. Haha. It's not a cry at all. It's like he's saying "Hey! Fix this. Now." It's a quick little yell and he has me well trained. He yells and I jump on it.
He's sleeping very well. At night he only wakes up to eat. Since I'm nursing and he's sleeping with me neither one of us really wakes up, so, knock on wood, we're all well rested. He still sleeps more than he's awake. He'll spend the first half of the day eating and taking cat naps and then towards the later afternoon he'll start taking longer naps for the rest of the day.
He makes a ton of faces when he's grunting. 
 He loves being in the Moby Wrap. As soon as I put him in there he's asleep. I heard babies that are fussy or gassy like to be carried in the moby because they're in an upright position and against your body. If you're having a baby get the moby wrap. I LOVE it. I wish I had it with Raya. Its like a little kangaroo pouch for them :) Except their head is up at your chest. It definitely helps with 2 kids cause I can have my hands free to catch Raya and he's happy. AND, when necessary, I can run. You can guess why I may need to do that. (ie Raya)
In the Moby Wrap
He's a sweet little smell good bundle of joy. When they're like this its easy to want more! But then Raya and her dabbing in the Terrible 2s reminds me that I have one of each (boy and girl) and I'm good to go. No mas para mi.
Getting Strong!!! 
He gets cuter and cuter everyday. Right now I think he looks SO much like Gentry. I don't think he looks like me at all. He still has a full head of hair and his little "stork bites" are starting to fade. He's wearing 0-3 month clothing. I have no idea his measurements but he's at least 22 inches and 10lbs or so. Not sure what color eyes he has, they're still that slate grey. He's given me about 2 smiles, that weren't cause he was farting ;) They were for real smiles. And they were the sweetest! He likes when I sing to him and he's a cuddle bug! Couldn't ask for a better little boy.
I love you Kallen! So excited to watch you grow :)
xoxo, Mom


  1. He is too cute!!! My lo will be 1 month on sunday :)

  2. What a cutie!!! :)

    I just ordered a Moby wrap and I can't wait to see if Isabella likes it! It'll be nice to have her close and still have two free hands. lol