Thursday, December 30, 2010

38 Weeks and MOVING!

I'm so close!!! If you don't like to read about bodies getting ready for labor you should definitely skip the next little bit...At my Dr appt this week I was 2-3cm dialated, over 60% effaced and measuring a week big. This is great news because he's a good size, but he's not ginormous and a C-Section is not necessary (well not necessary based on his size, anything could happen when I get ready to deliver, so please just keep your fingers crossed for me)  She's pretty sure he's already 8 lbs. She can tell he's a big boy. Raya was 6 lbs 11oz, so if he's 8 lbs already, he's a big boy. She asked if I wanted to be induced around the 3rd or 4th, but I don't. If I'm still pregnant as of Jan 10th, I'll ask to be induced that night so I can have him on his due date (which I would love!)...but I'd like to let him come when he wants, however, his lease is up Jan 11th, so he's gotta be out by then :) I'm super uncomfortable and tired of not being able to do anything for myself, so I'm ready, to say the least.
38 weeks!
We started moving on Monday. I love our new place! Its perfect for us. I've been so picky about the condition of the place, but I have to keep reminding myself that its a rental. Ah, lovely rentals. But the place has a community pool which I'm so excited about! AND we have our own washer and dryer IN our house. All in all, its 100 times better than the place we were in. So as annoying as it was to move out and as stressful as it is trying to get unpacked and ready for this boy when I can literally do Nothing, I'm glad we're here! So swim parties at my place! Start booking your plane tickets for the summer :)

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