Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chubby Baby's a comin!

Just a little Saturday night bloggin. You know you're jealous ;)
We had a 3D ultrasound this morning. Those are always so fun!!! I'm amazed by what you can see with those machines. The tech told us that he's already really chubby.  I could see his chubby cheeks and at certain angles you could see he also has a couple chins. So cute. She also said he has really long legs. Like almost double the size of legs she usually sees at this point. Um, am I birthing a 2 year old?! She thought I was farther along than I thought, but since I am FOR SURE about when I got pregnant, it can only mean this kid is a big one! She could also see that he has hair and confirmed for the 3rd time that he is a He. She said he's sitting right up against my stomach wall, which is why I can feel his body so well. It was so great to have her explain what I was where his legs were and his feet. The things I feel are distinctly different parts of his body, so I loved learning which parts they were! I have 3 dates that I'd love for him to be born on because I think they'd be cool birth dates. They are today: 12/11/10, 1/1/11 or his due date 1/11/11. I mean I'm giving him THREE options, work with me kid! So its looking like today isn't going to happen, so I really hope he at least stays put until after Christmas. Oh and my newest freak out: the next full moon. So I'd never heard about the whole "Full moon and going into labor" theory until last week. I remember my nurse talking about it when I was having Raya, but I never thought about it again. The next full moon is Dec. 21st, exactly 3 weeks before my due date, and my dad's birthday. At that point I would be 37 weeks along, which is full term, and fair game for him to come. THE 21sT!!!! Yah, that freaks me out. That's like in 10 days. So keep your fingers crossed (and I'll keep my legs crossed) that he waits at least one more week after that :) 
This is his chubby face!
Whats crazy about this point in my pregnancy is seeing expiration dates at the grocery store that are AFTER my due date. Well, except for Kraft Macaroni. That doesn't expire until he's starting kindergarten. Don't know why I think that's so cool (or freaky, depending on the day) but I do! Its just so funny thinking, "Wow, if I don't finish this, I'll be throwing it away WITH my baby boy." HAHA. I'm so weird. I'm definitely in the stage of "Hmm, next time I have to do this he could be here." You know, the important things like getting my nails done, getting my hair done, taking a shower. But seriously, taking a shower is so exhausting! I really use to miss getting dressed up and doing my makeup, but now the thought of just getting in the shower makes me tired. I have to sit down to put my makeup on! I mean, dare I say it, but I hate the idea of going shopping. With all that said, I really truly am getting more and more excited every day that he's going to be here!!!! I CAN'T wait to see his little chubby face and have a little newborn to snuggle.

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  1. Kelsey I am so excited for you and Gentry and Raya! I hope I get to meet him while he is still little and cuddly. Love you and praying for you!