Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby Boy Shower!

35 weeks!
I had a very sweet shower...which I like to call a sprinkle :)  At Raya's baby shower I definitely got showered! And I registered for all gender neutral baby items so that I could use them for baby #2. Good thing I did! I would've been so annoyed if I were to be having another girl because I LOVED the girly play pens and car seats. It took all I had not to register for them. So really, for this little guy I don't need much... boy clothes and diapers and then some big ticket items like a double stroller. Which I FINALLY picked out. Pretty sure I spent more time picking out a double stroller than deciding which colleges I should apply to. Lovely.
 So the shower was great! The decorations and theme were soooo cute! My Mom, Mary and Tara (brother's girlfriend) threw the shower. And big thanks to my brother that was in town and help set up!!! And thanks to Baby Daddy for cleaning up :) I'd love to decorate his room like the shower theme- turquoise, brown and giraffe print. It was such a perfect Saturday afternoon and such a sweet way to celebrate this little boy's arrival! I got some very cute little outfits and blankets. Just what I needed! And I'm actually really starting to like blue. Maybe not baby blue, but teal and turquoise and bright blue :) We went to Babies R Us last night with a gift certificate from the shower to get a few more things. There was this super cute leopard blanket that looked very manly. Couldn't I use that for him? It was like a natural looking leopard print. And it was dark brown. Gentry didn't say "No!" soooo, maybe?
LOVE this theme!

If you ever read the interview I did for my friend's website called Donut Soup, the girl she interviewed right after me (Souper #6 to be exact ;) makes Cakes...So I asked if she'd have time to do one for my shower and this is what she did. Are you serious!?!?!! It's so perfect.

Me and Cathleen-she's my bff that writes the Donut Soup blog

And my other favorite thing about the shower was the Diaper Cake!!!! For those of you that aren't quite familiar with that phrase, its a "cake" made of diapers. So each later is diapers stacked together. My friend Megan MADE THIS!!!! Yah, I know. She's so talented. Is making a Diaper Cake enough to be a Donut Souper ;) I was so excited when I saw it. Matter of fact, I still have it completely intact. Haha. How do you disassemble something so cute?!

Me and Meg- The Diaper Caker Maker
It was so perfect! It started raining right before and the first thought that went through my head "What the heck! I'm wearing brand new wedge boots that will totally sink into the wet grass. What are we going to do?" The shower was scheduled to be in the backyard, so I'm pretty sure I should've been thinking about other things. Hehe. But everything worked out perfectly!
Thanks for everyone that was able to make it out or was kind enough to mail us something. Love you all!
For all the Baby Shower pictures: Baby Boy Shower!


  1. HAHAHAAHA!!! YES!! She totally qualifies for a Souper!! We've already talked about it....xoxoxox Love you Kels, you're hilarious.

  2. Loved the colors and the cake was PRECIOUS!

  3. Where did Megan get the ribbon to make the daiper cake?