Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family/Maternity Pics + 36 weeks

We FINALLY got them done :) I was getting a little anxious (ok, totally freaking out) that baby boy would come before we could get these done! There;s probably at least 10 pictures I love. The family ones turned out great. I would've liked a few more maternity ones with the family, but Raya was SO over it. And really, who needs more than 10 good ones? Usually Tara (my brother's girlfriend) does our pictures, but she had a lot on her plate these last few weeks, so I randomly found another photographer in the baby section on Craigslist. I was looking for baby furniture and saw her ad. That's the exact same way I found the lady that did our family pictures when Raya was 3 months old. Originally we had scheduled to do them last weekend, but we had to cancel...then due to my lovely pregnancy issues Gentry had the afternoon off to help me and she was free to do pictures. It worked out perfectly. And we got everything done in under an hour, which was amazing because I was wearing heels and by the 30 minute marker I was as over it as Raya ;)
Some of my favorites:

I have all my favorite in my Facebook album: Family/Maternity Session

I'm also 36 weeks pregnant! Yah, like LESS than a month and he'll be here! I'm excited for many reasons....
1. I finally get to see him! Definitely my favorite reason.
2. He'll be outta my belly. Very close to being my favorite reason ;)
I went to the chiropractor this week because I was in so much pain. On Wednesday I really thought I was going to have to sit in the car with Raya until Gentry got home-in 6 hours- because I didn't think I could get her out of the car seat and into the house. I really could not walk. Worst pain ever! I sat in the parking lot at Big Lots and cried. Lol. Partly because I was in pain and partly because I was so frustrated! So I promptly got online and did some researched and decided to make an appt with the chiropractor. He told me I had 7 ribs out of place on each side. Awesome. He believed that was mostly from baby boy moving and pushing. I believe it. He also said my hips/pelvic bone were very much separated. This is why I was in so much pain. And I can totally feel it! My hips click and just feel so lose. If that means that my chances of having this baby "fall out" while I'm, say, walking to take the trash  out I will be totally fine with that. So he did some adjusting. The next day I was still in pain, but today I've felt at least 50% better. And I will take it! I saw my baby doctor Friday and she said its up to me and how much pain I can take. If its unbearable she can induce me-which I'm not interested in. At 38 weeks she'll do an ultrasound and measure him because if he's big and my hips are completely separated there's a chance I'd have to have a C-Section- another thing I'm not interested in :) I really want to deliver this baby! The recovery from a natural birth is much better than a c-section, especially when there's a toddler and newborn involved. So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he's not too big and my hips cooperate.
3. I never really loved working out, but now that I've been in a situation that actually keeps me from working out I really miss it. So I'm hoping when he gets here I'll be able to start walking and working out again! I've become very thankful for what my body has allowed me to do and proud of what my body can and has done.
4. I want to see what he looks like! This is probably THE BEST surprise life can give you. That moment when you know you're about to see your baby, and then you do and they look nothing like you thought they would. Can't wait!!!
So now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't want to come when the full moon is in full effect (which is Dec 21.) I'm actually keeping my fingers crossed that he stays put until at least Janurary. Wish me luck!!!

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