Tuesday, December 28, 2010

20 Months - Raya Recently

Ms. Raya- It's crazy to think that this is the age you'll be when your brother comes. Next time I write your monthly update your little brother will be here!

Just when I think you're at the funnest age you get even funner!!!! (yes I know I said funner, but guess what, spell check didn't say it was wrong and everyone in Arkansas uses it :) You truly know how to be funny and you make me laugh all day long. Seriously, how did I get a 20month old comedian?! You have tons of words. Everyday its a new one. You are definitely able to communicate using your words. You've also said a couple phrases. When you were in the tub the other night you pointed to my belly and said "Mama's belly." And on Christmas you were jumping on your trampoline and waved "Bye, See You." I have that one on video! Oh, and your all time favorite saying "Oh, No!" I have that on video too. You say it with so much emphasis and expression. It's hilarious. You get sweeter and sweeter every day. Christmas morning you went around to everyone in the room and gave us all kisses. Pretty sure no one needed any presents after that :) Watching you open presents was so much fun. This was your first Christmas that you actually enjoyed opening presents and you were more interested in what was inside the wrapping paper where as last year all you cared about was the paper. We started the "25 Days till Christmas" countdown and you LOVED that. You knew where I kept all the presents, so at some point in the day you'd point to where they were and then go sit in front of the Christmas tree and wait for me to bring you one.

Size wise...lets see...you're probably close to 25lbs. I think you are 34 or 35inches tall. You are almost out of your size 6 shoes. I think you'll be able to wear them for one more month and then you'll be in size 7. You are way too long for your 12 month clothes, so I'd say you're officially out of that size. You still wear all of your 18month clothes and fit about all of your 24month clothes.

If anyone mentions anything about going outside you go to the room and get your shoes and bring them out to us. Instead of saying "outside" you say "shoes." You'll look at me and say "shoes" a couple times and that's my que that you want to go outside. You also tell us when you want to watch "Wow Wow Wubbzy." That's your favorite show right now and when you want to watch it you'll grab the remote and point it at the TV and say "Wow Wow, Wow Wow."

You are an absolute cuddle bug. You still love to play with hair and if I need you to go to sleep all I really have to do is give you your pacifier and let you play with my hair. You sleep until at least 8:30, and when you do wake up you'll lay in bed and cuddle until we get up. THANK YOU! Matter of fact, this morning you slept in with us until 10! Who does that? I guess you know we're going to be sleep deprived soon, so you're giving us all we can get now. I will totally buy you a car when you're 16 just for that.
And one of the funniest things (and possibly disappointing, you be the judge) Whenever we bring in Take Out food, you must smell it or know the bags because as soon as we walk in the door you say, with such excitement, "Ohhhh, mmmmmm!!!" You've yet to be so excited and say the same thing to any of the meals I've brought out to you from the kitchen. I've got to work on that :)

Everyday I am amazed by you. I know I am the luckiest girl in the world. It's impossible to have a bad day when I have a kid like you. Thank you for making my life so great!
Love you!!!!
Love, Mom

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