Wednesday, December 1, 2010

19 Months! Raya Recently

Sweet Girl, you're 19 months! Well you were a week ago :) But we were on Vay-cay so I didn't get a chance to blog about my favorite thing in the whole wide world. Your vocabulary has about doubled. I'd guess you have about 30 or 40 words. Some you can only say the first few letters of, but we get the idea. I'm starting to wonder if having 2 parents with different "accents" effects how you try and say things. Lol. I mean I know your Dad is only from Texas, BUT, me and him say things very differently. For example, I say "Seven" and your Dad says "Se-um" (and I just spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to spell out the way he says it.) But its like "Seven" but with a silent "v" and it ends with an "m."
OK, back to you! You are about 34 inches, and just under 24lbs. You are wearing all kinds of sizes in clothes. You fit into a good amount of your 12month clothes, all of your 18month clothes and I can get you 24month or 2T shirts and leggings (note to Grandparents, buy size 24month or bigger now). The hardest thing right now is finding jeans for you. A size 18month fits you in the waist, but are high waters on you and a size 24month fall of your waist but the legs are perfect length. You wear a 6.5 shoe. Some of your size 6 shoes don't fit, and some do. I started buying you size 7 because I'm guessing you'll be in those in the next month or so.
You are as funny as can be. You laugh at yourself and often laugh so hard that you get the hiccups. This has happened to you since you were a baby. But I've been told that your Grandpa (my Dad) gets the hiccups when he laughs really hard too, so maybe you get that from him. You have NO fear. You think its hilarious to fake people out by pretending you're going to jump off of something. You'll climb anything you can. You are very coordinated. When we are at the park you get so excited its like you kick into 5th gear and just can't seem to climb the play structure fast enough. Your brain still moves faster than your little body can, so I have to occasionally "spot" you. You know you're suppose to sit down when you get to the top of the slide, but sometimes you think its funny to try and walk down the slide. Of course you only try this on the highest slides. Thanks. There's plenty of nights that I go to bed and think "One more day without any stitches required!" And people tell me to "Get ready for a boy." Yah right! Those boys have nothin on you ;)
Watching you grow is so bitter sweet. Just when I think you're at the funnest age, it gets even better. I look back at your "baby" pictures and can't believe you're already a toddler! There's so many times I think "Please stop growing and just stay this age," and then you do something new and I'm amazed by you and so proud of you and get excited to watch you grow. I'm the luckiest Mom!
Love you Baby Girl!
Xoxo, Mom

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  1. That's so funny....I've never come across another Raya yet! Even though my daughter is Rayana we call her Raya 95% of the time. Good choice in names! :-) You're daughter is adorable.