Thursday, September 16, 2010


She's had a solid handful of words:
Mama, Dada, Dog, Hot, Hi, Bye, Wow, and Nana.

This week she's had 4 new ones: No, Thanks, All Done and Kick It!
I'd love to be able to say that I taught her Thanks by practicing with her every time I handed her something, but she got this word from just paying attention. I wonder what other words she'll say that I would swear I'd never teach her but she picks up on her own. Oh can't wait for those. Lol. At Target tonight we were totally that family that lets their kid play in the store with a ball (deal with it) and she was rolling the ball and told Gentry to "Kick It!" I missed it because I was too busy picking out piggy banks that were ridiculously cheap and I just had to have matching pink and blue ones. Did you ever notice when there's kids playing around in the store, if they're super cute (and not being super annoying) they some how get away with it? Raya definietly did. A couple times she'd take her ball and roll it like she was pitching it kick ball style to some random person walking down they isle and they'd die. It was so funny. That Target trip was quite eventful :) Seriously, who needs Chuck E Cheese when you can just go to Target!

These pictures are from yesterday. I set my oreo down and thought the dogs got it until I stumbled across this kid in a box behind the couch...and found my oreo.
She has no shame :)

Later that night when Gentry got home he found the side of the cookie that had no frosting (the one in her left hand.) It was on the couch. Guess she's a frosting kinda girl.

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