Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is this a Posh Park?

Yesterday was such a great park day! Amy and I try to meet a couple times a month and this time Stephanie came too. It was so nice to be around my good friends that know me for me. Ya know, the "Kelsey Before Kids." I feel very thankful to have the girlfriends that I do (those with and without kiddos,) And its just so perfect to be able to be at the park with girls I've been close to since junior high and now be able to swap advice and info as it relates to our lives with kids in them.  The day started with the phrase "Is this a posh park because I really want to wear yoga pants?" -Steph. What was most hilarious about this convo was that I was literally putting makeup on as I said "I promise I won't judge you for wearing yoga pants to the park." First of all, who wears makeup to the park? Yah me. And I usually accompany my face of makeup with yoga pants :) It's how I roll. And thank god I did because Raya made me climb half a rock wall to prevent her from sliding down it. This was actually probably pretty funny if you happen to walk by when it happened. Raya was sitting atop a 7ft rock wall (she took the stairs, she didn't climb it) and was trying to slide down it like it was a slide. Me, being 5ft tall and 5months pregnant had only once choice, and that was to climb it. That's when my ladies, one holding a sleeping 3 month old and the other consoling her 3 year old after a heart breaking goldfish incident jumped into high gear and saved me from having to climb the whole wall :) What are friends for, right?!
Raya and Tyson-he just turned 1 this month!

Little Miss Raya

Sydney- she's 3. Syd was so sweet with Raya. She was hand feeding her goldfish and brought her a Barbie to play with. It was so cute watching them together. 

Steph and Tyson

Raya and Jackson- he's 2. I have super cute pictures of them together. They're BFFs. When we pull up in the car and Raya sees him she gets soooo excited. Its the cutest thing ever. And Jackson says "Kelsey! Raya!" Uh, LOVE IT!

Amy and Carter-he's 3 months old. Seriously, could they be any cuter? Amy, I'm gonna need you to not look so cute when you meet me next time ;)
Thanks ladies for a perfect afternoon of no judgement. Lol. Love you girls!!!

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  1. Love you kels. Ofcourse we need our makeup on. We gotta look good for eachother.
    Love amy