Tuesday, September 21, 2010

24 weeks

Only 112 days to go! According to my weekly BabyCenter updates he's about a foot long and weighs over a pound. I feel him moving a lot. I felt Raya move a lot too. From what I remember, I feel like he has more kicks and jolts. Raya's movements felt like rolls and wiggles. There's a good chance I already said this in a previous post, but I'm pregnant, so short term memory isn't one of my strengths. It's crazy to think that in just 4 months Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, My Bday, New Years AND this Baby will all happen.  Then throw in a baby shower, maternity pics and a couple other fun weekends and he'll be here before I know it. Still not sure how I feel about this :) But I guess it doesn't matter how I feel cause he's comin when he's comin!

This is my most recent prego pic...24 weeks with Baby Boy
       This was me @ 24 weeks with Raya
I might be a little big bigger this time around, but I might have been a little bit bigger when I got pregnant this time around :) (And by might I mean I definitely was)

I would tell you that Raya doesn't get that there's a baby in my belly, but since I was about 7 or 8 weeks she's become slightly obsessed with my belly. She always wants to rest her head on it while watching TV and if its time for a nap or bed she wants to fall asleep on it. This week while she was watching cartoons and resting her head on my stomach baby boy started kicking her :) Sibling rivalry has begun! I'm not sure if she noticed it. He was kicking pretty hard. I keep trying to plan it out and let her feel it with her hand. Maybe I can get it on video! We shall see....
These are a few pictures I took with my computer. Not the most flattering, but still so sweet.

And I finally changed some things in my settings, so now anyone can comment on my posts :) I'm having fun blogging. I just found out this week that I can turn all my posts into a book! So one day I'm sure I'll have a library of books about these kids. I just hope when #2 gets here I'll still have time, because I really love this new hobby of documenting! 

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