Sunday, September 26, 2010


So its hard for me to say the weekend was Bad, because it wasn't. But it definitely wasn't the kind of weekend I would want to happen on the regular. Raya passed her cold on to me, but somehow she jumped from fever to runny nose and missed all the coughing. Which I'm sure means I'm coughing for the both of us. And after 30mins on WebMD I've convinced myself I have whooping cough. So needless to say I will be making a trip to my Doc tomorrow morning. Of course last week would be the week my Doc decided to go on vacation. She didn't check with me. But her family vacation was to ARKANSAS! So I forgive her :) I consulted with my other doc (aka WebMD) and he said Robitussin was ok to take while pregnant. So I went to Target on Friday because my coughing was seriously driving me crazy and I was at my wits end. I thought I'd just run the whole Robitussin idea by the pharmacist there and wanted to punch her in the face when she told me she didn't recommend it and I should just "ride the cough out." UHHHH. So I left Target with a bad attitude...and $50 of stuff I didn't need. Then Saturday came, the day I'd been waiting for ALL week...The Arkansas vs Alabama Game. I seriously thought about that game all week. Why? Cause I'm slightly ridiculous and because I bleed Razorback Red ;) HAHA. So Saturday was my day of redemption and hopefully it would make me forget about wanting to punch the Target pharmacist. I will be perfectly honest, I was fearful of Alabama. I mean, they're really good! So I made all my "clock wishes" (ya know, when its like 11:11 or 3:33) that Arkansas would win. WELL, the whole game the Hogs had my hopes up. I think maybe that's why the loss was even harder to except. Hello! We were winning like the whole time. And then we lose by 4. FOUR!!! UHHHH again.  So by Saturday afternoon my violent streak was alive and well. Good thing "I'm too cute to fight" LOL. So Saturday night I had cough drops for dinner and went to bed-oh and on my way I found my toothbrush in the dog cage. Pretty sure I know who left it there. Sunday I woke up to a termite infestation. And really, I didn't even have the energy to be mad. The screen to the back patio had about 30 termites just chillin on it and I discovered they were coming from their well established home that is also my door frame. Oh and did I mention they were on the INSIDE of my screen door? Seriously? Seriously. And this being the first week of Fall it was 90degrees. Go figure. And whoever decided that homes by the beach don't need air-conditioning because the sea breeze is sufficient was definitely not pregnant. Or fat ;) So now I'm a hot, coughing mess with termites and my Hogs lost. Annoying, annoying, annoying.

On a good note, Raya looked super cute in her Hog attire. And we got to spend the afternoon at the pool with some of my family. AND we got our new 46in flat screen in. Thank you Sunday!
PS- If someone puts in a toilet right next to the bathroom counter, there's a good chance you'll find a baby in your sink. FYI!


  1. What a CUTE little girl, and I just LOVE her name : )

  2. omg...i LOVE this post. It's effing hilarious! It's like an episode of Seinfeld. Sorry for the crappy weekend, it's all good from here! xo