Wednesday, September 22, 2010

17 Months- Raya Recently

Such a fun age!!! You are just about to enter the world of've added just a few new ones in the last week, making it clear that no matter what I do, you will grow up :( This week has been my first week that I've become just a little anxious about having a 2nd baby. Only because you're seriously my BFF and I can't imagine adding another personality (aka new baby) to the mix. I love our days together. You are the absolute light of my life and so much fun. You know how to be funny and you joke around all the time. You are the sweetest thing and cuddle and love on me all day long. You truly are my side-kick and I am so very very lucky to have a girl like you!
This past week you had your very first cold. It was just a little chest cold, but you needed antibiotics. You were still a little pistol despite your pitiful cough and runny nose. You HATE the doctor. Literally, all he did was use a stethoscope to hear your chest and you FLIPPED out. Clearly you don't like strangers all up in your grill. Either that or Daddy taught you that whenever a boy you don't know gets too close scream and holler until he stops or someone saves you. I'm fine with either. You're feeling much better now, but you passed on your disease to me, and well, I could've lived without that.
Waiting for the Doctor

You weigh about 22 pounds. You fit into all of your 12month clothes, except your pants-those are high waters on you now. You are able to wear a lot of your 18month clothes now too. You are such a little peanut! You are long, I'm not sure how tall, but when we're at the park you are the same height as a lot of the 2year olds. You just started wearing a size 6 shoe, which blows me away. I remember when we bought you a pair of size 6 Nikes and I thought to myself "Oh she'll fit in these when she's like 3" And now you fit in them! I think a size 6 is a little big for a 17month old, but I'm not for sure.  You have all but your 4 back molars. You've had almost all your teeth since about 14 months. You got your teeth FAST! You sleep through the night. You usually go to bed between 8 and 10. You've just recently started waking up around 7. You usually slept until at least 8, so I'm trying to get use to this early morning thing. It's totally ok with me if you want to go back to the 8am routine :) You've gone back to 2 naps a day- one around 11 and one around 5. I think you're going through another growth spurt, which would explain the 2 naps. You don't really eat much, so that's been the toughest thing lately. Its not so much that you're picky, you just only want a few bites here and there. 
In your size 6 Nikes :)
I look forward to this next month with you! I love you <3
Love, Mom


  1. Kels, that was the sweetest letter ever, it ALMOST made me tear up. :)

  2. Oh Sweet Raya!! Love her!!
    love Amy