Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Simple Things

Found Simple as that through one of my blog friends: Sweet 'n' Sassy. On Sunday she has a weekly photo challenge: capture an image each week of the simple things in life that make you smile...the little things and little moments that make you happy... Thought it was a very sweet idea, especially because I just so happen to get one of the sweetest pictures yet of the kids-holding hand!  It was gloomy all morning but in the afternoon the sun came out and we took a walk along the beach. Right after we got them all strapped in Raya reached over for Kallen's hand. I didn't think my camera was on, but clearly it was :) And I gotta good one! 
Perfect weather, perfect walk, perfect company :) Such a simple afternoon that made me so happy!
Raya's such a sweet big sister :)


  1. Cute! I need to start participating in that photo challenge too :-)

    The Easter egg kit was from Walmart. It was quite a challenge decided what she would wear b/c the child doesn't exactly have many "every day" clothes we went with a white gerber onesie--those things are practically disposable. Had to still put in a big bow for the pictures though! :-)

  2. that is an awesome picture. it's always cute when they do something all on their own. I participate in a few of these little photo challanges, their pretty fun.

  3. your kiddos are adorable! I'm so glad you linked up with the simple things Kelsey! Can't wait to see what you capture next week. :) Rebecca