Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big Girl Moments

So we're getting ready to fly to Dallas tomorrow morning and then drive to Fayetteville for Black Alumni Weekend. (Obviously I can't miss that ;) and packing and getting ready for a trip now that we're a Party of 4 is ALOT of work. So I really shouldn't be blogging but Raya learned to ride her bike today!!! We were going to give her the tricycle for her bday but she saw it in the garage last month so we gave it to her early :) For the most part she just sat on it to watch TV (I really need to get her a chair) or would use her feet to push herself backwards. We tried explaining "pedaling" and Gentry would walk behind her with his hands on her feet pushing down on the pedals, but nothing really. Then today she went out, sat down and pedaled! It was so cool!!!! Definitely a big girl moment. I got a couple of videos and Gentry got some when he got home. I need to upload them to YouTube asap. The last 2 weeks have clearly been growth spurts. She's been eating like a horse and sleeping a good amount and doing all kinds of new things. Its a really fun time. She's so much fun!!!! And then tonight I rocked her to sleep tonight in the rocking chair and realized I wasn't really holding her and rocking her. It was more like she was laying on me and holding onto me. She's so big now! Tear. I know I saw it all the time, but it's so fun to watch her grow and breaks my heart at the same time.  

I love the one because it looks like she has lip gloss on :)

Laying in the sun, waiting for her toes to dry
 She's also never really been into dressing up and today she soooo was. She's been pulling her hats out lately and wearing them around, but today was a proud moment for me: She brought a dress and tutu in!!! And then got a bunch of her mardi gras beads and sunglasses. Oh I am so proud ;)
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Lady Gaga would be so proud
 I'm SUPER excited about our trip. I'm a little (or alot) anxious about us flying with 2 lap children. This should be interesting. It's Raya's last trip as a free kid! Next time we fly with her we're gonna have to buy her her very own seat. But as of tomorrow there will be 4 of us in 2 seats. Hehe. Pray for us ;)

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