Monday, November 11, 2013

Zoom in on Zayne- 7months

*So I'm all updated on his monthly postings, I just have to get pictures put in each one! Hoping I can do that before he turns 1 on Wednesday!!! Anyways, heres month 7:

 Hey Buddy!!

Well sir, you're tottering towards being totally mobil. Help me. Lol! You're not crawling, or really even close, lol. But you're sitting up and rocking forward. You're also pretty good at rolling now, so that gets you to where you want to be if you're close enough. Basically you can get from point A to point B if absolutely necessary and if its in a "rolling body" radius. You also kinda do this sitting turn, basically rolling while sitting, haha. So yah, you're making your moves!

You're growing really well and livin the good life! Eating good, sleeping good, playing good. You like to eat! You are ready for lots of snacking throughout the day. I feel like you're at about 2 meals a day and then the puffs or yogurt bites. And of course nursing like 5-6times a day. You don't have any teeth yet, so you don't have a ton of food options to choose from, but everything I've given you at this point you've eatin up! You currently like everything, so keeping my fingers crossed you'll be more like your sister when it comes to eating cause your brother is ridiculously picky.

Not a lot has changed since 6 months...
You experienced your first 4th of July. We went to the parade in the morning. You watched some of it sitting in your car and then napped through the rest of it. You didn't make it to fireworks, but you saw some sparklers early in the day that you seemed to like.

You are still really easy going and happy. You're are starting to explore the world around you, or at least pay attention to it more. Toys are really interesting to you, and you can ride in the stroller or your push car and are content just taking in the scenery. Please ask what kind of baby you are and I always say, "He basically just sleeps and smiles!" Which pretty much sums you up :)

You are an absolute joy. I so enjoy watching you take in the world around you and discovering new things. I love watching you watch your sister and brother. I love cuddling with you and kissing your sweet face. Thanks for being a little ball of love!!!
I love you!

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