Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zoom in on Zayne- 6months

Happy Half Birthday!! Can you believe you're a Half Year Old?! Cause I can't.

You turned 6 months May 13th, 2012. You're definitely getting stronger and more independent. You're working on sitting unassisted. By the time we got to the end of the month you could sit long enough to have some super cute 6month photos taken, which is the important stuff ;) lol

I gave you some first bites of food! We started with sweet potatoes. You weren't really into it. I think it was the texture that you weren't too fond of. You couldn't really figure out what to do with it once it was in your mouth, so you pushed almost all of every bite back out. We'll try again later! You're still nursing and that seems to do you just fine!

You're loving all the new toys you can play with now that you're a bit stronger and more coordinated. I can keep you pretty busy with a handful of "new" toys. Its fun to watch you discover new things and watch your little brain work.

6month Stats: You weigh 17pounds and are 25inches long. That's exactly what Raya was at this age, well she wasn't quite 17lbs, but close enough. You're in size 6month and 9month clothes. Size 3 diapers and size 2-3shoes. You're my "normal" sized baby. lol!! Raya was so long and Kallen was so ginormous, so I'm thinking maybe you'll take after my side of the family :) I'm sure that will be annoying when you're 13! So I'll keep my fingers crossed that you at least get your Daddy's height.

You are still my happy, sweet baby. I swear you go days without crying. You rolled over the day before you turned 7months. And your new thing is blowing raspberries with your tongue. You totally copy me too! When I blow raspberries you'll do it at the same time. Its hilarious. I could video tape that over and over and it will never get old.

Speaking of which I got super carried away with pictures this month. The cuter you get the more I take. And the cuter it gets to take sibling pictures. You and your brother and sister will have pictures and videos for days. You're welcome :) Consider your lives a documentary. Cause that's basically what I've got going on for the 3 of you. Haha!!

Thanks for being the best baby ever. Gah. I'm so obsessed with you. I could dote on you All. Day. Long. You get more and more handsome by the day and continue to be one of the most joyous presents I've ever been around. I love you sweet boy!!

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