Monday, November 11, 2013

Zoom in on Zayne- 8 months

8 months was a busy month! It started out pretty uneventful, but the last week you were on fire! Lol. You haven't been super active like your sister and brother. Well, maybe thats not the correct way to describe it. But Raya and Kallen were pretty mobile by 8months and you were pretty content with watching the world around you. The weekend before we left for our Beach Week you were stationary for the most part. You did the whole get on your hands and knees thing, but were no where near crawling. In the week we were at the beach you totally started crawling and 7 days later were a professional crawler and pulling yourself up on all kinds of things! It was just like you made up your mind and that was that! In fact the weekend we got home I could stand you against the wall and you would stand up without holding onto anything for a few seconds. Crazy how that happens!

You also got your very first tooth! Your bottom left front tooth. And the right tooth was pretty close behind, but the 2nd one didn't break through until a week or 2 after you turned 9months. You had an easy time with your first tooth, however you stopped nursing this month and I feel like a little bit of that was tied to your tooth coming you.

I started you on formula this month and you're totally cool with it! In fact I think you might be a little extra happy cause you get a full 8oz. The first few bottles you chugged. OMG! Was I starving you?! If I was I couldn't tell by your moods, but you either loved the formula or were hungry. Lol!! I also uped your meals, so you're eating quite a lot now. 2-3 full meals with snacks and bottles in between. You can really eat for a little guy!

You're still sleeping great. I think about 50% or maybe 75% of the time you wake up around 4-6am for a bottle. You've been waking up at 6am on the dot every morning, so thats rough on me ;) But I feel like the other 2 did that every few months or so and then settled into a later wakeup time when they realized what they were missing out on (sleeping in!) So hopefully you'll do that too! You take 3 naps a day: morning, noon and early evening. And generally go to bed by 8pm.

Size wise you're in 6-9month clothes. A size 2-3shoe. Size 4 diapers. I think you probably weight 18 or 19 lbs. I have no idea how long you are.

You had your first audition this month! It was for an Avril Lavigne music video. It actually ended up being an audition for me. Hahahahah. It was hilarious. I'll copy and paste my Facebook status to explain. But it was definitely an experience and makes for a pretty funny "first audition" story! Hopefully you'll get more auditions this fall!

You still continue to be an even tempered, happy go lucky, roll with the punches, kinda baby! I soooooo enjoy my days with you. You bring so much light and love to my life. I got lucky with you kiddo!!! I love you so much!


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