Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We're having a....

Raya will tell you :) Watch the video:

And I will admit, I pouted the first day (or week ;) only because I'm such a "Girl's Mom" and have WAY more cute clothes and shoes to pass down to another baby girl. But I'm over it and super excited about the dynamics that a boy will add to this family. I love that it will just be Me and Raya as the girls. I can picture us doing BFF things like girl's trips and shopping. Which I could totally do with another girl, but I'm ok that it will be just us :) And I love that the boys will be close in age. I'm already planning a "Boys Room" with bunk beds when they'll like 3 and 5. How cute will that be!? And for the most part they'll be the same seasons in clothes so a lot of what I have for Kallen will work for Baby Boy 2. I didn't think about if I had another girl she'd be 3.5 years younger than Raya, so I love the fact that I'll have boys that are less then 2 years apart. That seems like such a good combination of ages and genders! Now I can't stop thinking about what this little boy is going to look like! When I was pregnant with Kallen I wasn't that obsessed because it was a boy, so I knew he'd look different than Raya, but now that I already have a boy its crazy to think of the possibilities with this next one. Will he look like Kallen? Will he be blond like Raya? Will I have another monster baby? ;) Exciting!!! I just ask that he comes in 3 hours like his brother did. Best. Labor. Ever. LOL!

Totally Calling the Hogs!!!

 He's currently measuring a week big, which was just like Kallen, but you still never know they're actually size until they're here! Other than being tired I feel pretty good. Haven't had an ounce of morning sickness. I get tried pretty fast, but at least I'm not ready for a nap at 10am anymore. The first trimester was intense. I was SO sleepy tired. But now I feel pretty good. Definitely have more energy, or at least don't feel the need to nap every other hour. I'm trying to walk as much as I can but I feel so out of shape. Omg. Granted I'm pushing a stroller that weighs 80lbs with the kids in it, but I just can't picture myself 7 or 8 months pregnant pushing that bad boy. We'll see.....
Now to find a NAME!!!

Totally showing early, just like with Kallen. 
I think I'm like 14 weeks or so in this picture. 

Kallen napping with his brother :)
I'm 16weeks and Kallens 16months!

This time around my doctor is measuring me differently....they don't change my Due Date, but they count my weeks based on how the baby is measuring. So based on that I'm just about 19 weeks. That would give me a Nov 3rd due date, but they keep it at Nov 11th. So sometime in the beginning of November he should be here! 


  1. OMG if your due Novemeber 3rd thats a day after my due date. if you read my blog post today, we just announced we're prego with baby #3 too. My due date is November 2nd. Congrats on another baby boy. That's what we are hoping for this time around!

    1. that's so exciting!! i just posted a better comment on your blog :) have you had any morning sickness?!

  2. Yay for baby! I agree, a girl would have been super fun, but it will probably work best to have the boys close in age and let Raya stay princess of the family ;-) Can't wait to see how it goes with three munchkins! ...and looking forward to hearing your name!

    1. Raya as the princess of the family :) you're exactly right! thats what I'm really loving about it now. it took me awhile to get over the disappointment of not having another girl...they're just so fun! and not that Kallens not fun, because he's beyond amazing and such a sweet mama's boy. just the whole clothes and hair and decorating is so much more fun with a girl. you get that :)