Sunday, June 3, 2012

Raya is 3

April 22, 2012
My 3 year old!! OMG. Hard to believe it, which is a phrase I say all too much, but its the truth. Its amazing how in 3 years you go from a brand new little ball of jelly to a strong, fast, chatty little girl! You are an absolute joy and I say it all the time because its the truth, I couldn't have asked for a better little girl to call my daughter. Lucky doesn't even begin to describe it. There's really no words, but I'll try ;)

You absolutely keep me on my toes. You are very strong willed and dare I say stubborn? But its not in a bratty way at all. I for sure have to deal with you differently than with Kallen, but you're also older and smarter so you know what you're doing. And you know what you are capable of. You are HILARIOUS and you know it. You say one liners sometimes that make me cry from laughing. Omg. I can't thank you enough for the daily entertainment you provide. You are constantly saying and doing the funniest things. I wish we had a reality show so that you were recorded 24/7! I could re-play you all day long ;)

You are a sweet soul. You have the kindest personality. You are so caring and sweet, especially to Kallen. I can hardly wait to see you with the new baby because you're a little older so you really get that you're a Big Sister. You love your friends and always ask to see them. You say Hi to everyone at the park. In fact you would prefer to greet everyone with a big hug, but we've had to work on not doing that because not all kids are comfortable with that ;) As soon as you get to the park you give everyone big Hi's, introduce yourself, occasionally introduce me as "Kelsey" and also introduce your brother. You ask your new friends their names and if they'd like to play.

Some Stats:
You're in mostly 4T clothes. You're really lean, so you can fit anywhere from 2T-4T leggings. They just turn into capri leggings if they're 2T. At your 3 year check up you were 40inches tall and weighed 36lbs. You're in the 95percentile for height and the 50percentile for weight. Obviously you're very tall. You're not abnormally tall, lol, but you are taller than just about everyone your age. You're the same size as most 4 year olds and just about as tall as half the 5 year olds we're around. You wear a size 9 shoe.

You've become a pretty good swimmer all by yourself! You willingly hold your breath and go under water. We start swim lessons at the end of the month. I'm excited to see what you learn there! You are pretty fearless in the water and will jump off the edge, even if I'm not close (scary!).

You are a wonderful Big Sister. Like I said earlier, you are so sweet and caring. When Kallen wakes up from his naps and is fussing you say "Wait, hold on a minute, I gotta check on the baby," and run upstairs to see him. You cuddle him and hug him. He wakes up before you and when you come downstairs he usually stops what he's doing and waits at the bottom of the stairs with his arms wide open to hug you. You always smile and say "Hi Baby!" and hug him back. You play really well with him and rarely get frustrated. You never hit him or do anything mean. Seriously, you're that good. I think there's a push here or there, but nothing I can really remember. Ok, well one time when he was like 2 months old you stepped on his face, but it wasn't a vicious move. It was more of a curiosity move. I could see in your face you wanted to know what would happen if you stepped on him. So I don't count that ;) Its the most beautiful thing seeing you 2 together. I just love the relationship you 2 have! You sit by each other on the couch when you guys watch tv and you still nap together often. He actually naps a lot better when you nap with him. You help him figure things out and show him what specific toys do, or how the iPad works, or how to shoot a basketball. You get the award for Best Big Sister!! 

Things you love:
Swimming, Disneyland, Going to the Park, Going to the Beach, really anything that involves being outside! What else...ICE CREAM! Your favorite flavor is cookies and cream and you always ask me for ice cream. You love wrestling with your Dad and you love having him throw and swing you; Cuddling with me and playing with my hair; Laying on legs, my belly, my arms, any open skin you love to lay on. You also do this with Daddy and Nana. You love to ride your bike; Sleep in bed with us (you're such a cuddler.) You love to help me, whatever it may be, and your favorite thing to help with is washing the dishes.

You are such a joy of a kid. You are so fun to be around and you absolutely light up every room you're in. Your presence cannot be ignored. You are the highlight of my life and I just can't believe I get to call you mine! I love you more than I'll ever be able to explain. You are my best friend, my side kick, my heart.


  1. Oh my gosh how cute does she look with her hair straightened. She is tall. Kaylee is 37.25" but kaylee only weighs 29lbs she's such a skinny mini. She is to cute & such a sweet big sister

    1. Thanks! Gentry hates when I straighten her hair because he says she looks too old. Lol! Daddies! :) Kaylee is a skinny mini! Kallen weights 30lbs. lol. Apparently I have big babies.

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