Saturday, June 30, 2012

21 week Bumpdate!

Had the Big Ultrasound yesterday. Everything looked great. And HE is DEFINITELY a He :) He's just under a pound and about the length of a carrot (according to my BabyCenter updates). Initially the whole family was going to the ultrasound, but neither kid took a nap before it was my appt time, and the thought of being confined to a small room with them while trying to pay attention to the ultrasound sounded like Gentry stayed home with them and I had a nice little break. I LOVE ultrasounds!!! I could watch them all day long. He totally looks like a baby now too, so its adorable seeing him. The tech got really great profile shots of him. He had his hands up a lot. Half the time one hand was up on his forehead. I saw him open and close his mouth, put his hands up to his mouth, do a lot of kicking and squirming. Too cute!! There's something about his profile that makes me think he'll look like Raya. I feel like he has Raya's nose. I know, what can you really tell from an ultrasound picture? Not much, but there's something that reminds me of Raya...

Hand up on his face. Look at those arm muscles! 


 Thats his thumb right by his mouth. Attempting to put it in his mouth?

DEFINITELY a BOY (arrow pointing at boy parts)

 His mouth is open in this one. Look at those little lips! I love how well you can see his mouth and chin and nose. So cute

He's measuring just a bit over his "Due Date Size" so I'm pretty sure my Doc will adjust my weeks, which is great! I've been so confused with my due date being the 10th and my weeks not matching. Anyways, I'm all on track now. So as of yesterday I'm 21 weeks~ and the Due Date is 11.10.12. I feel him move a little more now. When I sit down to take a break I'll feel a couple kicks or body rolls. When the tech was doing the ultrasound she had the wand thing way up on my belly. I had no idea he was so high up already. Every once in awhile I'd feel what felt like a kick, but I thought it was too high up to be him. I was wrong. When he stretches out he's all over.

21 Weeks!! 

Kisses <3

I was talking with my friend Stephanie yesterday who's also pregnant. She's due Aug 15th with a baby girl! I mentioned feeling so tired already. I really feel like I'm 31 weeks, not 21 weeks, and she said between the heat and being 33 weeks she's exhausted. The heat! Duh! I hadn't even factored that in. I feel a little bit better about wearing out so easily. I definitely have to factor in lots of breaks throughout the day. Its a bit frustrating because Kallen and Raya were just getting to the point where I could actually get a few big things done a day and now I'm back to square one. Whateves. Sometimes it drives me crazy having all these uncompleted projects around, but most of the time I'm like "Whatever, come in my home, there's piles everywhere, I don't care." LOL. So if you come to my house know that I have piles of papers waiting to be filed, or piles of clothes to go through and give away, etc. Deal with it ;) Steph, I can't believe the things you get done at your house! You're amazing :) And I can't believe its practically July! One more month and then its Addison's month!! Omg.

Newest Member to be added to the fridge magnets

Ps- Blog friends, are you having issues with the spell check? When I'm done writing I always hit the little ABC button with the green check and it highlights all the misspelled words and lets me click on them and get the correct spelling, but it doesn't highlight anymore. Anyone else having this problem?? So once again, I apologize for the misspellings :)


  1. Awe he's such a cutie already. I'm exhausted too. You look great

  2. Adorable! Can't wait to "see" him in real life ;-)

    I never spell check my posts lol..probably should though!

  3. Hi Kelsey! Congrats on #3! Thank you for stopping by my blog :-)