Friday, June 22, 2012

Gentry's Bday, Father's Day & 20 weeks!

It was Gentry's birthday on the 7th and Father's Day last weekend. We went to our favorite gourmet burger place: Slater's 50/50 for his birthday dinner and it was surprisingly enjoyable! Lol. All my family was out of town, so we didn't have baby sitters, which would've been choice #1 ;) but I packed good coloring books and Kallen was content with the iPad, so we actually got to eat our food! Slowly! And taste it! It was fun!!

We made cupcakes and decorated the sidewalk. 

Me attempting to get a belly shoot and also catching the birthday boy 
snacking on his cupcakes before dinner. Lol

 My FAVORITE picture of Raya right now!!

 This picture cracks me up. I told Raya to take a picture of us and this is what we got :) She held the camera up and said "OK! Say Cheese!!" She's so well trained.

 LOVE this picture. Such a good lookin family <3


It was actually warm this weekend! Its been super gloomy here (June Gloom) and hasn't gotten warmer than 65-70, but it was sunny and 75-80! So we got to go swimming. I asked these 2 to watch cartoons while I got ready for the pool and came back to this. They're such cuddle bugs :)

How Father's Day ended

This was Father's Day last year, Still one of my all time favorite pictures:


And I'm officially half way through this pregnancy. 20 weeks! Yah Baby! 

I should have my "big" ultrasound in the next week or so. I actually should've had it this week but it didn't occur to me until this afternoon and of course that was when my docs office was closed. Oppsies. At my last doc appt my Dr did an ultrasound. She's been doing a ton this time around. Just because she can :) Which I LOVE! And she lets Raya help. Its so sweet. Raya knows she gets to go with me to the baby doctor. Gentry usually gets to come home and he'll stay with Kallen and Raya and I will go. When we leave she'll say "Ok, just us are going. Kallen, you stay with Daddy. We're going to the baby doc." Anyways, this time around she wanted to check the gender and asked me if the last ultrasound tech got a good shoot of the "goods" because she couldn't at all and was wondering if it was a girl!!?? Omg. My heart seriously dropped. I try not to think about it much, because the last tech got what seemed to be the money shot  of this little boy's goods, and because I will be SO SAD if its not a boy! Isn't that crazy?! I was so set on wanting a girl. And then so sad when I found out boy, but now I'm so so so excited to be having another boy and will be so disappointed if the gender changes. Soooooo, I'd still say its 90% (or more) boy. As soon as I get my big ultrasound done I'll let y'all know. But cross your fingers we're still on team blue!

Waiting for my Doctor

HAHAHA!!! Doctor Raya

 Helping with the ultrasound! 

I'm still feeling pretty good. I get tried fast! I have enough energy for 1 "big project" a day. Lol. And usually that's a 40minute walk and an hour at the park. The stroller (with 2 kids) is 80lbs and I'm really starting to get tired pushing that bad boy. Omg. I feel him move now! I didn't really feel anything until I was 19weeks. The same day I really knew it was him I was feeling was the same day I actually felt him kick from the outside too! And Gentry could feel him :) So now at night I can lay down and feel him kick my hand a little before I go to sleep. That's my FAVORITE part of being pregnant. Uhhhh, I'm getting so excited!!!! Definitely feel huge this time around, but whatever. I'm making a baby. As long as I keep the weight gain under 40lbs I'm fine! Hehe. I can't wait until Raya starts feeling him. I'm sure she could feel him now, but when he's bigger it'll be WAY better! She always talking about how she's going to hold the baby, and pat the baby and make the baby laugh. She was made to be a big sister :) If these next 20 weeks go as fast as these last 20 went this babes gonna be here in like 5 minutes! 

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