Friday, September 30, 2011


Two weeks ago I did the MakeUp for a fashion show. The clothes were from the Galeana line and the designer is Jose. He was so fun to work with. I had a really great time doing the makeup, collaborating, meeting the models and other artists and getting dressed up. Haha. The fashion show was at Sutra in Newport. Its a club and the fashion show started at about 10:30. It was such a fun way to do a fashion show! Such a different vibe. Loved it. My friend, Kristina, came with me and we did the makeup together. We make a good team :) And we might take a lot of pictures together.

So anyways, while we were doing that, Kimmy, a director at RAW, who just so happen to also be organizing the fashion show, mentioned that they might need makeup artists for next week's showcase. Pretty sure Kristina and I jumped right on that. Lol.

RAW is all about Natural Born Artists. They have showcases once a month that feature all kinds of artist's work: People that paint or create art on canvas, poets, bands, Djs, Hair stylist, MakeUp artists, Models, etc. The showcases are designed to Showcase the Artist and their work and get their name out into the world. Or at least out into their community :) When you are a "Featured Artist," along with your work being showcased, you get professional pictures for your portfolio and an interview on RAW Tv. Its a pretty cool thing to be a part of!

So, the next Friday we helped out with the MakeUp for the Showcase. Initially there was only one Makeup Artist and 10 models, so Kristina and I got to do a good amount of the girls and both of us ended up being featured that night! We ended up with some great photos and were both interviewed. And then we stayed and danced our lashes off the rest of the night.

Cut to this week :) I filled out a profile for the RAW website...and just in time to make the nominations for MakeUp Artist of the Year!!! WHAT? Yes! The first round of voting is all done by Fans (and friends, and family, and blog friends and followers..hint hint ;) Voting starts at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. I will definitely let you know how to vote once voting opens, don't you worry. BUT I really think I have a good chance of making it to the next round- with all y'alls help of course.

Its been so great doing the MakeUp for these events. Makeup for fashion shows is so different. And I love it. Its a little stressful, just because we're working under a timeline and "stage makeup" takes a little more time, but I love being able to do dramatic makeup and funky makeup. Its great being able to make it bright and expressive and intense.

AND I'm the Featured Makeup Artist (along with Kristina Brooke!!!) at the next RAW Showcase. It's called Pulse and its October 21st at Sutra. Wanna come??? Tickets are $10. If you want to buy one, or some, let me know! I'll get you on the list :) Its going to be Halloween themed. Our walk through is Oct 7th, so I'll get more info on a makeup theme, and what, if any, designers I'll be working with. Can't wait!!!

Featured Artist!!!

All the pictures are on my Facebook Makeup Page: MakeUp by Kelsey
Feel free to browse around and "Like" my page! I post and update often on that page.

Me, Kristina and Kimmy <3

I'll post tomorrow (and probably every day voting takes place ;) with all the voting info and links your little fingers will need. THANKS!!

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