Saturday, October 1, 2011

VOTING!!! Yahhhhhh

So voting for MakeUp Artist of the Year for RAW started at Midnight last night. You can vote once per day per email. Hint Hint ;) Voting started today (Oct 1) and goes until Oct 15th. So thats only 15 days of voting. Lol. And I know that seems a little annoying BUT feel free to send me any and all of your emails and I'll add them to my list of "Voters." With a valid email I can do it for you!

To Vote: Go to RAW Artists The first time you go to the link you'll have to fill out a Username, email and password. Every time after that you can just login in with your email or username and password. The link to create an account is at the top of the RAW Artist homepage.

To Vote: Go to RAW Artists

At the top left you'll see "Click Here" (in green) to vote for RAWards 2011

On the next page select a username, enter your email and password then REGISTER TO VOTE!

Next screen go back up to top left where is says:
"Select a City" (in green) and Select ORANGE COUNTY, CA

It'll take you to a new window and at the very top you'll see all the Category Selections- select "MAKEUP"

Scroll down until you see my picture and name and click on it 
(I'm wearing a grey shirt and my name is Kelsey B)

On my page in the middle above my name you'll see a box that says "Vote for this artist" 

Click it!!!!

You can vote once a day!!!!!

And like I said at the beginning, feel free to email me or leave your email(s) in the comment section below if you want me to put you on the "Voters" list and I can do it for you :)
Together we can change the world. LOL

I have a really great chance to move to the next round. Its literally going to come down to a few votes, so please please please vote! I promise to vote for any "Cutest Holiday" competitions you put your kids or dogs in ;) 

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