Saturday, January 15, 2011

Name Game

So deciding on a Boy name was so much harder than finding a Girl name. Before we even knew what we were having we had 2 or 3 girls names that we really liked and only one boy name that I liked and Gentry was just whatever about. So when we found out we were having a boy I was a little freaked out that we wouldn't find a name we would love as much as we love Raya's name. Initially I was sure we were going to name him Tyce. I loved how the name looked and it was short and easy. As time went on I started to like it less, well I just didn't love it like I loved it when I first heard it. And Gentry didn't really like it at all, but we had no other options. About 3 years ago I heard the name Kallen and loved it. It was the name of a surfer. I totally forgot about the name until my Aunt Kim randomly text me one day, "Do you like the name Kalen?" So I looked it up and loved all the meanings I found.
The Irish/Celtic meaning is: Mighty Warrior.
The Hebrew meaning is: Calm and Affectionate.
The American meaning is: Loving, and
The Greek meaning is: Handsome.

How perfect! I loved how it looked when it was wrote out, and since the middle name was for sure going to be Gentry, it was one of the few names that sounded good with Gentry as the middle. I love love love Raya's name, and her name has great meanings, so I wanted a name with good meanings for him too.
Raya's name means...
The Israeli meaning is: Friend
The Old Greek meaning is: Adaptable and Easy Going
The Slavonic meaning is: Happy
In Latin it means: Queen

Then came the decision on the spelling. I liked it with one "L": Kalen. Gentry liked it with two "L"s, Kallen. Well actually I don't think he really cared either way, he just assumed it would be with two. I asked a bunch of different people how they'd say the name depending on how many Ls there were. Easily 90% of the people I asked said if I spelled it with one L, it would be pronounced Kay-Len. And I did not want that! So after the 40+ responses I got telling me to go with two Ls if I wanted it pronounced Kal-len (like Allen with a K) I decided that 2 Ls it was. What's funny is I goggled the question "How would you spell Kallen?" And I found 2 different forums where people had asked the same question and people who's name was Kallen commented on the topic. They all said the same thing. If it was with one L everyone called them Kay-len, so if you were using the name, for a boy especially, spell it with two Ls. So by the time I was about 30 weeks pregnant we were pretty sure it was going to be Kallen Gentry. And I LOVE it! I think it suits him perfectly. I love the meanings and I love how it looks :) Cut to his first doctor appt....and they come to the waiting room to call him in and say "Kay-len Robertson" UH!!! Every single doctor and nurse says Kaylen. ANNOYING. Lol. So it looks like I will forever be correcting people. Sorry buddy, I tired :( Just about everyone does this with Raya's name too. They call her Rie-ya. Like Maya, but with a R. So I guess I better get use to correcting both of my child's names. Awesome ;) But I love both of their names!!!


  1. I like your blog,Thanks for this blog with good pictures related to the news.

  2. Even if you have an old name (Sherry) people still call you Shirley :)