Thursday, January 20, 2011

2 Under 2

So I only have about 3 months to use the "2 Under 2" I better jump on it :) Today was Gentry's first day back at work. Lucky for me my Dad is still in town, so I've yet to be all alone with the "2 Under 2." Haha. I make it seem like my 20month old and 2week old are monsters. They're not at all---But I'm officially out numbered! So it's a bit intimidating. I know I can do it...but I'm still anxious about it.  In the last 24 hours its become VERY clear that we need to be on a schedule. When I brought it up to Gentry he totally agreed, which means he was also thinking about it before I brought it up...which means we're on the same page and understand that to stay on top of these kiddos we need a Plan Of Action. Wow, I'm sure I'm making it a bigger deal than it probably is, but really, I'm just trying to prepare for those really hard days and by having a "POA" I'm in control right? Riiiiiight. Good luck with that, Kelsey. So we're getting on a schedule. 
Every things been going good. Nursing is finally back on track and going smoothly. Kallen is sleeping great-still sleeps most of the day. The times he is awake he just looks around and seems pretty content. He likes to sit up so he can see the room. He definitely has more of a temper than Raya did. When he doesn't like something I'm doing he CLEARLY lets me know. And that kid has some lungs on him!!! He makes me put a little pep in my step when I'm changing him or getting ready to feed him. He does not like to wait. 

Raya is my little Tasmanian. I don't like to add the devil part to that because there's nothing devilish about her...but there's plenty of Tasmanian about her ;) She just keeps going and going and going. She's such a good big sister. It's probably my favorite thing so far. She holds her hands up and says "BeBe," which means she wants to hold him- but only as long as he's quiet or asleep. Once he wakes up and makes nosies she wants to give him back. Smart girl. She loves to kiss on him and she loves to hold his hands and feet. She's a sweet girl. 

Since my Dad's been in town he's helped make our house so much more homey. I love it. Raya's room is amazing!!! It's my dream room :) If I was 5 or younger. It's just so dang cute! I will post pictures as soon as I put all her clothes away and unpack everything. I'm so glad he could come for the week. I really don't know what I would've done if I didn't have all my parents to help with Raya and getting situated and unpacked. I'm a lucky girl!!! 

Well, bed time. 

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  1. I can't even imagine what it's like to have two chillins under two! You're doing an amazing job and I'm sure creating a schedule will make a huge difference.
    That is so sweet about Raya loving being a big sister, what a cutie.
    And I'm looking forward to seeing photos of her room!