Thursday, January 13, 2011

Keeping Up With Kallen

Well he's been here for 9 days! He's a very sweet boy. He's a bit feistier than Raya was as a baby. He HATES for me to change his diaper and he hates when I wake him up (which I rarely do :) But really, who likes to be woken up? Not his Mama! He sleeps great. Basically only wakes up to eat. I've actually gotten some pretty full nights of sleep, soooo thankful for that! The last few days he's been awake more and its so fun seeing him look around. He gives the sweetest little kisses... I know he's just looking for something to eat, but they're still super sweet! At his 1st doctor appt he was a bit jaundice, but nothing that requires anything other than getting him to drink as much breast milk as he wants. I didn't know breast milk is one of the best ways to help a baby get over jaundice, or heal jaundice, or ??? I don't know the correct way to say that. But basically breast milk is gold ;) We had some nursing issues that we're just about through. Raya was a breeze to nurse, so I'm learning to problem solve with Kallen. I'm hoping in the next few days we'll get back on track and he will be nursing smoothly!

Raya seems to really love him. She's very, very sweet to him. I LOVE the way she says "Baby," it sounds kinda like "BeBe." I will get it on video! She pats him and loves to play with his hair. She gets a kick out of holding his bottle when he's eating. She also loves to put his pacifier in his mouth-which she usually tries to do while he's asleep whether he wants it or not. So we are practicing "being gentle" and "easy" with the baby. She's a great Big Sis! It's been a tough week getting use to having 2 kiddos. When one of those kiddos is 20months and full of curiosity and energy the words "No" and "Stop" are used on the regular. We're trying to get better at having more patients. Raya is an absolutely wonderful kid. She's very good and such a joy. She's just at an age that never stops and she's interested in everything! So that makes for an interesting day to say the least. It's been great having her spend time at my Mom's, and my Dad is coming tomorrow, so I feel a little less guilty when she gets to spend quality time with them that I haven't been able to give her in the past week.

I'm slowly but surely adjusting to life with 2 kids. My first night home I was like "Who the hell does this?!?!" and "Why on earth would someone tell me to have kids this close in age?!?!" But by the next day I was over it. Its definitely a challenge, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I love my life and just feel so lucky and so very thankful for getting the cards I've been dealt. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do this when Gentry goes back to work. He gets these first 2 weeks off and then will work 3 day work weeks for the next 10 weeks. Paternity leave is awesome!!!!! I'm so thankful for that, but a little freaked out about life when I'm out numbered and home with both of them-alone! LOL.
But all is well in the Bunker-Robertson home! Everyone is healthy which, right now, is all I ask for. I hope to post as often as I can. At least once a week :) Pictures of Kallen are here: Keeping Up With Kallen. I will update that album daily, so feel free to browse! And thank you all so much for the well wishes and sweet messages. Its times like these that I am reminded of how many amazing people I have in my life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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