Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yep, I did It...

I locked my daughter in the car :( UH! Oh and I'm pregnant remember? So blame it on that. Cause I did and I feel better already.

So my "getting outta the car" routine goes as followed: Open my door, Hit the unlock button, Get out of the car, Put the diaper bag on the driver's seat, Throw my keys and phone in the diaper bag, Open the back door, Get Raya out and put her shoes on, Shut the back door, Get the diaper bag, Shut the front door.

For some reason today I did what I do everyday, except I clearly hit the LOCK button instead of unlock AND I shut my door before I opened the back door. So in a split second my car was locked up with everything but Me inside. Of course that included my phone. And of course the first woman to walk by me didn't have a cell phone. Lady, its 2010! And people lock their kids in the car. So you might want to think about getting one ;) Next Gal to walk by had one and was so kind to let me use it so that I could "Call 911 because I locked my daughter in the car."

While waiting for the police to come, Raya was all smiles. She thought I was just playing around and popping up in different windows because I'm the funniest girl she knows. Then the first police man came. He offered to break the window and get her out right away but since A. She seemed to be fine and B. It wasn't hot, we could wait for the Fire Department to come and pop the lock. Awesome, because the thought of breaking a window just heightened my anxiety.

Then police man #2 comes. He's just there to check it out. And hang out. And bring me a bottle of water.

Then the Fire Truck comes. Did you know like 10 guys can fit in that truck? I was so amazed watching all of them get out. (And it might not have been 10, but it was alot) So they get to work trying to pop the lock just as the tow truck guy gets there. The tow truck guy starts working on the other door to see who can pop it first. Thing is, if Tow truck guy gets if first I have to pay him $70. If Fireman gets it first I pay I was rooting for the Fireman. But like my Hogs, the Fireman lost. It was probably right about then when my car alarm started going off that really freaked Raya out. She was good for the whole 10 minutes, but the last minute was just too much. And I don't blame her.

So in the end, Raya was freed, and she was totally fine! I was super annoyed that I had to pay $70 to get my car unlocked (doesn't that seem like alot?) And even more annoyed that I didn't have ANYTHING to take pictures with! Pictures of this event would have made this wayyyy more dramatic ;) And of course much better when I tell Raya.

So yah, that was our afternoon of entertainment. If it happens to you, just call 911 ASAP. Its not a huge deal :) Everyone was super nice. I was sure they were going to question my parenting skills, but they spared me. Raya said Bye and blew kisses to them all. Then we were off to Albertsons!

Not from today...but this post needed a picture :)

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  1. That is sooo good!! MAN! Why couldnt you have had a camera or something!! Dangit, i can only imagine the scene. hahaha...