Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween is Here!!

I love this time of year! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, oh yes! Last year the day after Christmas, which is also my birthday, I went to Target and bought as many of the Christmas decorations as I could. I love to decorate, and now that I have a kid that dresses up, Halloween is even better!!! The Pumpkin Patch here opened Oct. 1st so I couldn't wait for the weekend to come so I could take Raya. Last week she got a package in the mail with a costume from her G-Daddy, so I was even more excited to take her to the pumpkin patch in full costume :)

First, the costume story: I went to Target last week to see what her options were. Last year I started looking for a costume in August...and I may or may not have done the same this year ;) I just want to see what's out there because there's so many cute ones and last year's was so perfect, so I gotta keep the bar high. The thing about this year that was going to be the biggest costume issue is that Raya doesn't like to wear things on her head, so if the "head" part of the costume was going to make it or break it, it wasn't going to work. I had to plan for the "worst" and by "worst" I mean Raya refusing to wear the "head" part of her costume. Soooo, whatever it was going to be had to be cute with or without the "head piece." Ok, back to the story, so I'm in Target looking at their selection, which is pretty good. I was thinking about the bumble bee costume, but it really wasn't as cute as I hoped. The Lady Bug Princess dress was super cute, but I always see tons of ladybugs. Then there was a Pumpkin Princess that was just adorable! With little black boots and shiny leggings. It was definitely one that would work. So we finish our Target run. I didn't get a costume because I wasn't yet ready to commit to one. When we get home there's a package at the door for Raya from her Grandpa. GUESS WHATS INSIDE???? The Pumpkin Princess costume! It was fate. Seriously, that really truly happened. The Halloween God was totally doing work that day ;)

 So Sunday, aka Pumpkin Patch Day, came and I got Raya dressed in her costume. It was even more adorable on. She made it to Nana's in it, but the inside of the top gave her a little bit of a rash. She was tugging at it so I knew it wasn't going to make it to the Patch. I changed her outfit and figured I'd get a little black shirt to go underneath it and make another trip to the Patch in costume. However, we were still going that day too! She loved being there. There were about 5 rides and a petting zoo. She LOVED the carousel. We bought 10 tickets and I'm pretty sure she used 8 of them on the carousel. She also really liked the petting zoo. She feed the goats. Tried to pet a few. She was most impressed by the little chicks. They were in a cage, but she could get close and watch them run between their little house and their front yard. It was a great Sunday afternoon. The weather was nice and sunny! She picked out a little pumpkin and just loved being able to carry it around. I'm sure we'll try carving pumpkins one night soon. And I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as I get some of her in costume! Here's some from our most recent trip.
FAVORITE part of the day! 
Daddy rode it with her every time
Mom did the train ride
If you want to see all of the pictures from our trip visit my Facebook album: Halloween is Here!

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  1. The Halloween god is called Grandpa with good taste!