Monday, October 18, 2010


So for those that don't know what Jeggings are, also known as Leans, they are Jean Leggings. I got a pair after I had Raya so I could fit my "not so ready to be in my pre-pregnancy jeans" body into something other than leggings. And by "something other than leggings" I mean something that was leggings but didn't look like it ;) They are super comfortable and cute. THEN, my friend Olivia found them in baby sizes!!! What a great surprise when I got the package in the mail, and there they were: Size 18month Jeggings. Immediately the outfits I could make with these flooded my mind :) The pair Raya has are from Children's Place. I've also seen them at Target, but the ones at Target didn't have pockets. Of course I had to pair them with her Fuggs (Fake Uggs.) Enjoy!