Tuesday, October 12, 2010

27 Weeks

Only 91 days to go! According to my weekly BabyCenter emails He's over 2lbs and about 15 inches long. I feel like He's 8lbs and ready to show his face by the end of the month. Wishful thinking? Maybe. Probably. I just can't believe I have 3 more months of growing. And its the 3 months when the baby does most of the growing! I just feel like this baby is so much bigger at 6 months than Raya felt when I was 6 months preggers with her. He's very active. Matter of fact I had a small freak out because I didn't feel Him move for what I thought was 2 days (it might have been 12 hours or so) Either way, it wasn't like Him to not move for that long of a period. I especially got freaked out because I could usually push Him around and He'd kick back and He wasn't doing that, so I called to see if I could come in to get a heartbeat check. Of course the first place my doctor put the heartbeat thing there He was. Super strong beats and super easy to find. WELL, since then He's been crazy. And He's strong. I'll take it though! Right now his favorite place to let out His big kicks is my right side right under my ribs. Right now it just catches me off guard. As long as He stays under the ribs I'm good. Feeling Him move is probably one of my most favorite things about being pregnant. Actually, it might be the only thing I really like about it right now :) Haha. I think I'm over being pregnant. The 2nd time around is so different than the first. The article attached to my 27 week Babycenter email was about this exact topic. Its definitely harder on my body. I don't have nearly the energy I did when pregnant the first time. And the aches are worse this time too. I know a good part of that is because I'm chasing a 17month old around. And I don't get to sleep in and nap all day long like I did with the first....so, needless to say, I'll be ready when he's ready. And if he's ready early that's fine with me! With that said I can still do what I need to do on a daily basis. I'm just exhausted by the end of the day. Its getting harder to roll over and stand up without any help. I know its only a matter of days before I join the "I need help putting my shoes on" Club. I'm healthy and He's healthy, so I can't ask for much more!

This is my (almost) 27 week picture. I took it this weekend and I wasn't technically 27 weeks until today :) Close enough. We went on a bike ride because the weather was perfect and it was still early, so I had energy. Such a nice Sunday bike ride!

Happy Pappy and Baby

Funny story: So last time we went on a bike ride I was HURTING the following days from the bike seat. With the extra weight I must have been sitting weird because my tail bone and bum we're in pain. I thought this time I'd tape a folded towel to my seat for a little extra cushion. Gentry sees me folding the towel and goes inside. I'm thinking he's going to get the tape. Oh no. He comes back out with a pillow. Like one of our full size bed pillows. I was dying :) And he was so serious. I was like "I'm not taping that to my seat. That's so embarrassing." He's like "Why?! You're pregnant. You're allowed to ride on a pillow." I couldn't stop laughing and he couldn't understand why I wouldn't follow his brilliant plan. Brilliant? Yes. Tempting? Very. I just couldn't get over the picture in my head of me riding my beach cruiser with a huge pillow taped to the seat. Ahhhh, I love this man! I ended up riding without any additional padding and to my surprise it was just fine. 


  1. Momma you crack me up. But no more ridding bikes. Your pregnant you shouldnt be riding a bike. What if you fell off. BE CAREFUL!! However you do look really cute on your bike. What a great picture!!
    Love you

  2. Wow, you look so fabulous for being 27 weeks!! Hot Stuff