Monday, June 28, 2010

The Wrath of Raya

Glad Monday is over :) Raya gave me a sneak peek into the Terrible Twos today. That was fun. One of her choice activities today was to sit at the front screen door and stick her finger in one of the holes of her toy and scream bloody murder. Like, SCA-ream!  For all the joggers and dog walkers and neighbors to hear. I ran over to "free" her and saw that the hole was much bigger than her finger...hmmm...So I walk away and guess who sticks her finger in the too big hole and starts screaming again? It was one of those throw the head back, arch the back, scream and kick kinda days. There aren't many days I can't wait for her to go to bed, but when she was showing signs of sleepyness way earlier than normal I jumped on it. And really, now that she gives the absolute sweetest hugs, I'm totally over it. That and the fact that Last Comic Standing is hilarious tonight made me ready for baby #2.
 Then she does something super cute, like climb in her toy box, and is totally content. How can you stay frustrated at that face?

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