Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Zoom in on Zayne- 3months

Well Little One,
You were 3 months old Feb 13th, 2012. Yah, almost 2 months ago, but I haven't forgotten your "Firsts" for that month, so here's what you were up to:

You are such a chatter bug. You coo and talk so much. You talk to me, your sister and brother, your Dad, your Grandparents and strangers. Any and everyone! And its just so fun to hear! Theres a very fun tone to your talking. I know that sounds kinda crazy, but you really do. You are so joyous and your coos fit your personality. Its like I have an idea of what you're telling me. We "chat" about your day and from what I can tell your days are pretty dang fun :)

You started Laughing!! Full out belly laughs. You're ticklish, so thats one way to get you to laugh, but I can also pretend to sneeze or make fun sounds and you'll laugh out loud. I can also get you to laugh when I kiss you a bunch. You think its hilarious when I kiss your chin and cheeks and snuggle up to your neck. Its probably a little bit hilarious and a little bit ticklish, but you love it and its so fun.

You are the HAPPIEST Baby on the Block. Seriously! You smile All. The. Time. I spend so much time just smiling at you and soaking in your smiles back. I know I've probably said it alot already, and get use to it, cause I'm going to continue, but you are an absolute joy. You are just this sweet little angel! You smile with your whole body. Your eyes, your hands, your feet, everything smiles. Its sooooo cute. And because I know how fricken fast these months go, I do whatever I can to be in the moment with you. You remind me a lot of how Raya was as a baby. Just smiley and giggly and easy!

You LOVE your sister and brother. Right now you and Raya have a very sweet connection. She can always make you smile and laugh. She's such a great helper. She holds you and helps me burp you and if you're getting fussy she'll entertain you until I can help you out. She also has been a huge help when you're crying in the carseat. She can get her arms out enough to reach your pacifier and put it back in your mouth. She loves this job. And lately she'll help you before I even ask which is a bit of a problem cause its not safe! She sometimes insists that she hold the pacifier in your mouth so I'm trying to explain to her that the best option is for her to be buckled up correctly and then at a red light she can help you :) Your Big Brother is obsessed with you. He always has to be touching your head or your face. Omg. It doesn't seem to bug you, but I feel smothered for you. Haha! He loves to pat and rub your head. He also loves to hold you. He's a really sweet big brother and you seem to love his attention.

3 month stats, I'm guessing you were 13-14lbs. You were wearing 3month and some 6month clothes. Size 2 diapers. Size 2 shoes. You sleep like a baby ;) hehe. And nurse like a champ. You wake up 1 to 3 times a night to eat, but you sleep with me, so neither one of us really wake up. Even though you wake up I still get a full nights sleep, so its all good! I'm so pro co-sleeping and nursing. I've done it with all 3 babies and have always been well rested. Its what works for this family! You are still a big tummy sleeper. I have slightly less anxiety about that because you can move your head so well. But you do sleep incredibly well on your tummy. I feel like you're still asleep more than you're awake. You'll be up for an hour and then take a 2 hour nap, up for another hour or so and then another 2 or 3 hour nap.

We got the jumper out for you. You're only semi impressed by it. You'll stand in it for a little bit and look around, but it doesn't seem to float your boat. You actually spend the whole time watching us or whatever is going on in the living room and pay very little attention to the toys. You like your floor gym. You can grab some of the toys and you attempt to pull them down. You talk alot when you're in the floor gym. Lots of grunts and yells. Its fun to watch you. And you also like your swing. Gentry can get you to fall asleep in it. I don't have the patience. But you'll rock when you're awake, so its nice to have that option.

Baby Boy, you're the best. I always look at you and think, "You aren't suppose to be here! And my life without you wouldn't have been as bright as it is now that you're here." You are truly a bundle of joy! i love you so very much Zayne Kyle.
xoxo, Mom

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