Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Zoom in on Zayne- 4 Months Old

You turned 4 months 3.13.13. Cool date, huh? :)

At your 4month check up you were 15lbs and 25inches. I think that's about the 50percentile for both.

You HATE shots. I mean, I don't know many people that like them, but you do not like them At. All. You get that from me :) I totally understand baby!

You are very alert and aware. You make eye contact all the time and are very social. You smile ALLLLL the time and pretty much smile at everyone that talks to you. You really like to be out and about and take in new places and faces. Lots of people make comments about how alert you are. I think lots of 4month olds are very alert, but theres something about the way you react or interact. Maybe you're an old soul. You just seem to "get it" and really connect with people, especially your immediate family. I feel like I talk to you and you're really understanding what I'm saying! Lol. I know you're not, but you're such a great listener and you "respond" to me the whole time. I love chatting with you!!

Remember how I said you did a full roll over when you were like 2 months? False. Well I couldn't tell if you did it yourself or if you were moved by a sibling, and I'm positive that you were moved by a sibling. Lol. You've yet to roll over and I'm totally cool with that. I remember with Raya I would dangle toys in front of her and try so hard to get her to roll. By Baby #3 I swear I'm keeping him from rolling! Haha. I'm kidding. But I'm definitely not pushing it. I soooo love this age. All you can do is smile and sleep. Its the sweetest (and easiest) age! I do love watching you grow, don't get me wrong, but I know you're not going to stop growing, so I'm just trying to hold on to every moment I can. Currently life with 3 is pretty do-able and I know that as soon as you become mobile its going to get intense for awhile, so feel free to stay 4months for as long as you want ;) You easily roll from side to side and I know the only reason you haven't rolled over yet is because you don't know you can.

You like your jumper a lot more this month. You actually bounce in it and use your little legs to jump! You can turn yourself complete around in it and reach and play with the toys. While you're awake you will spend some time on the floor either looking around and watching Raya and Kallen, or looking at whatever toy thats next to you. You sit in the rocker and sometimes watch cartoons with them or play with the toys on the bar over the chair. You swing in your baby swing and you play in your floor gym. So far you like all those things and are kinda up for whatever as long as you get some variety in your life :)

You're still nursing perfectly and sleeping great. Still the happiest baby on the block. You are absolutely beautiful. Seriously, you're a stunning baby. You have such petite features and big 'ol brown eyes. Its crazy how you have such similairites with boy Raya and Kallen. I don't think Raya and Kallen look very much alike, but you are such a combo of both of them. Everyone says you looks exactly like Kallen. I think you do, but right now I think you are Raya's baby twin. You remind me so much of Raya as a baby. I don't see much of Kallen yet, but I know its there cause everyone else sees it. I wonder what kind of hair you will have!! You're not totally bald. You have the same amount of hair you were born with. And its pretty much just baby hair. Who knows what kind of hair you will have, but I'm excited to see!
 This is Kallen and Zayne (above) And the 2 below are Raya and Zayne

You are my buddy, my little baby sidekick. I so love spending my days with you. You are such a joy and make my life even better than I could have imagined. I love you so much!!
Xoxo, Mom

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