Monday, February 18, 2013

Zayne- 2 Months

Littlest Dude is 2months old! Ok, almost 3 :) But changing and growing every day! So I gotta do a little updating before I forget all his big firsts! Also, for Raya I do "Raya Recently" and Kallen I do "Keeping up with Kallen" so what can I do for Zayne? Help!!

Ok, whats new with Mr. Zayne. He's a smiling machine! OMGeeee. He smiles with his entire face. Also fantastic as Smizing. Tyra would be proud. Big 'ol gummy smiles just melt my heart. He has a little bit of a giggle. He hasn't let a full out laugh just yet, but he does lots of giggling. Yesterday I took all 3 of them out for a walk in the beast of a stroller that I have (yep, I got a triple stroller!) And he seriously giggled the entire first 20 minutes and then we got to the park he started all over again. I didn't realize how much he doesn't get out! And how easy it is to make his day. With Baby #1 I was out and about all the time. So Raya saw all kinds of new people daily. With Kallen I got out occasionally. I could strap him to me and hold onto Raya or push her in the stroller, but now that I'm REALLY outnumbered we hardly leave the house, so Zayne is just amazed by the world around him when we get out. I feel like I'm constantly apologizing to him. Lol! Sorry for it always being so loud when hes trying to sleep, sorry that his brother or sister are all up in his grill, sorry that he never gets to see the outside world, sorry that he doesn't get to play on his play mat peacefully. I guess he doesn't know anything else, but I'm annoyed for him. Sometimes Raya and Kallen smother him so much it makes Me crazy! But he never cries about it. Just smiles and looks around.

Ok and last night I'm about 50% sure he rolled over. Twice. He was in an entirely different place on the mat when we came back in the room. And the distance from his original spot was either caused by a complete roll over or a sibling that pulled him. Soooo, when I came back in I asked both kids if they moved the baby and they both said No, so maybe a full roll? And no I don't leave him unattended with the other 2. Well mostly I don't. They're both pretty good around him, so I can walk out and grab some things and come back in and he's totally safe :)

He's also quite the coo-er. He coos and talks to me so much! I remember both of the other ones cooing, but not like Zayne does. I'm loving it!! At his 2month check up he was 12.9pounds and 22.5inches. He's in 3month clothes. Size 2 diapers. Size 1 shoes. He's in the 75percentile for height and 50percentile for weight. That was very similar to Raya. It will be interesting to see how he grows!

He's a very mellow baby. Just takes in the world around him. Watches the craziness that is his living environment. Rarely cries. Really only makes a peep if he's hungry or uncomfortable. He's a great sleeper. Falls asleep easily and sleeps pretty hard. Hes a big time tummy sleeper, so that gives me outrageous anxiety. When he naps he's usually downstairs with us and on his tummy on the couch, so I feel somewhat ok with that. And he sleeps with us at night, but every time I wake up I'm checking to feel for him breathing. Uh! Mom-anxiety is intense. Lol. 

I'm loving every minute I get with him! I don't get to hold him 24/7 like I did with the other 2, so I find myself picking him up and just snuggling him. I'm sooooo going to miss this age. Its just so sweet. So amazing. So wonderful. I could go on and on. Its the best and I try to inhale his sweet smell and sweet breath because I know I only have a few more months of a snuggly new baby!

Zayne, I'm so in love with you. I'm so glad I didn't get to plan my life, cause if I did, you wouldn't be here and I absolutely cannot imagine my life without you in it. You are absolutely beautiful. You light up my life just like your sister and brother do. I feel like the luckiest girl, and am the luckiest Mom. You are amazing Zayne Kyle. I am so thankful for you and look forward to watching you grow (and smothering you with kisses and cuddles, deal with it ;)

Ps- When I started this he was 2months old and when I finished it he was 3months. lol. I gotta do better...


  1. Very cute pics!

    How about "Zipping along with Zayne"? :-)

  2. He's such a cutie. I like shawnas suggestion