Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Raya's 3rd Birthday Party

Hi Blog Friends :) I have no good excuse for my hiatus. Blame it on my DVR and my nail obsession. All my free time has been jacked by them. But hopefully I'm back! Lets jump right into this...

Raya's 3rd Birthday Party was this weekend. It was great! A month or two ago I asked if she wanted a Mini Mouse Party or a Hello Kitty Party and she told me she wanted a Princess Party. OK!!! Princess party it is! I think this was her first party that actually had kids at it. Lol. Its fun that she has friends now and lets me know who she wants there. Luckily they were all able to make it this year. We rented a Princess bounce house, and honestly, that's all the party needed! Seriously, if you're having a party with kids rent a bounce house.
Of course I had fun getting all kinds of princess decorations. And I made the cutest Princess cupcakes (yes, I was very proud of them ;). The weather was pretty perfect and Raya really had a blast. Can't believe my Baby is almost 3! (Her actual birthday is April 22nd.)

Thanks so much to everyone that was able to come out Saturday!!! Raya scored big time in the present department: Princess dolls, princess books, a whole princess goodie bag, bathing suit, the Pretty Pretty Princess game, a huge thing of play dough, this swirly drawing thing (that's the high-tech version of the one I had when i was little and loved!), a mermaid dress, a bike!, walkie-talkies, a kit to make her own princess wand. She's been busy that last few days!

Here's some of the fun pictures from the party. I didn't get a single "Family" one. Dang it! Or really any of Raya with anyone else but me. Lol. I PROMISE I didn't plan that. But I did purposely coordinate my outfit with her so at least we look cute together ;) Here's the link to her Party album on my Facebook page if you want to see all 150 pictures. hehe.

Her seeing the bounce house. I have it on video. Its too cute! I'll share it soon.

The bounce house matched the party perfectly!

Ok, so I frosted the cupcakes with bright pink and purple frosting and within about 10 minutes of sitting in the sun the frosting faded to light pink and light blue. So weird! 

Are these not the coolest?!?! A friend of mine made rainbow cupcakes earlier in the week, that's where I got the idea. They're super easy to make and so fun!

The Gang!

Cutest picture with Aunt Lois. This is Raya's Great-Great-Great Aunt.

 Happy to report we had NO injuries! Not a single bloody nose even when everyone was jumping together!

Kallen got to the party before Raya. This was him telling me about the bounce house :)

She's quite the dramatic present opener. So fun!

My Girl 

 Of course we had matching nails :)

The Birthday Outfit

My girlies!

 A real Princess wears 2 crowns

She passed out before we even pulled out of Nana's driveway. 

 The day after: Learning to ride her bike in her mermaid dress

Happy to report I really missed blogging. Good to be back :) Hopefully I can bust out a 15month post for Kallen this week. And I'm about to post about one of Raya's greatest accomplishments to date! Stay tuned!

And I'll end it with this:


  1. What a fun party!!! Happy to have you back in blog land :-)

    1. It feels good to be back :) So fun seeing the pictures of your girls. I feel like its been forever!

  2. I was missing you guys! Happy Birthday raya. Her party turned out great & I love the cupcakes. We're getting a bounce house for kaylees birthday too

    1. I missed you girls too! Hehe. I spent an hour catching up on yours and Shawna's blogs :) Godd to be back!