Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Week

We had a fun week of Valentine's stuff. Bryce and Tara babysat Friday night so Gentry and I could go to dinner and a movie. And they brought crafts AND stuff to make cupcakes :) I'm sure Raya was in heaven.

It was so nice having a leisurely dinner. We're at that phase with Kallen where eating out is nearly impossible, so it was awesome to go out to dinner and eat as slowly as I wanted :)

The actual day of Valentine's I was trying to go to Gentry's work and surprise him for lunch, but his car was in the shop and he had mine so we couldn't do that. Instead my Mom came over and we had lunch and went for ice cream. I'm sure that was Raya's idea of a perfect Valentines Day! 

 Target's $1 section has the best stuff for kid's presents. I'll take any excuse I can to dress up in Holiday inspired outfits and put together little gifts :) I love decorating and being festive! So of course they had stuff to play with Valentine's Night. 

Oh and did I mention in between Valentine's Lunch and Valentine's presents at night my CAR WAS STOLEN?!?! Uhhhhh. Soooooo sad. It was stolen from the parking lot at Gentry's work sometime between 7:30am and 4:30pm. Did you know when you get your car stolen its actually really sad? I can kid now, but I seriously was borderline devastated. I love, love, loved my car. We've had it for 11 years and it runs great and is in such good condition, AND we did so much in that car! So it was sad to think that our family car full of road trip memories was gone. I'm constantly joking with Gentry about how if he for some reason surprised me with a new car I'd take it back because I so loved my Tahoe and it was perfect for me! And literally last week we finished installing all new lights. AND the windshield wiper fluid holder thing has literally been broken for like 8 of the 11 years we've had it, but we never fixed it because it was always so much money for this little tiny fix. Welllll, my Mom got it fixed for us when we were in Texas so we got to use it for all of 6 weeks. Grrrrrrrr. Well yesterday we got a call from Inglewood police that they found my car and it was at a tow lot in Inglewood. The tow yard closed before we could get out there and see it, so I have no idea what it looks like. I'm guessing its totally stripped. Both of the carseats were in there too, so I'm guessing those are gone. Basically anything that could be removed is probably gone :( Sad times. My insurance agent will go see it Tuesday and we'll go from there. So that's whats been going on this week!

I took this picture last Saturday, 2 days before it was stolen. Ahhh, my baby ;) 

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  1. Love all the pictures! Can't believe your car was stolen--that sucks!